It has always been my wish and aspirations to work from home. When I had full-time employment I would gladly accept any project which I had to stay home to do. This would mean that instead of driving to work I just telecommute.

Working from home is easier, and cheaper.  there is little or no distraction so I would definitely get more work done.There are different types of work from home jobs. The fact is almost all the jobs that one goes into the office to do can be done a from a home base office.

About four years ago I started searching online for a home based business. I began by going through the advertisements for” Work from Home” jobs. The first one I saw was “How to earn $97/hr working from home.” I connected with them. I was new to online scams.


I had to apply to four colleges first before I could get to the enrolment part of the program. After filling out two sets of applications I explained that I did not want to go to school I was told that I had to lie about it then so I could get to the other forms.

I did not go any further with the application but I had to deal with the various calls that came in including scammers because of the forms I fill in. A business that is based on honesty from the start is heading in the right direction.

This is one of the many reasons I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  The owners are transparent from the start. The seven days duration of the free account gives you enough time to peruse through the site and get feedback from the other people already in the program.


You should be alert and research the online jobs before signing up. The best persons to tell how reliable an online program is are the ones who have been or presently working in the organization.

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a large community from which you can garner all the information you need. Sign up for the Free Starter Account HERE


When you start a home base business you need all the support that is available. If you are new to online jobs there will be lots of questions to be asked and answered. The Wealthy Affiliate community does just that. Everyone is looking out for the other person. Get all your questions answered in Live Chat or just ask the owners.

Online businesses that require credit cards for free trial are risky I got caught in that once and had to be on the phone around the clock to get the account cancelled. Credit cards are not needed for the Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate. Just sign up for the Starter Account and you are free to go.

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