Why Buy Memory Foam Mattress?  My Review

Gone are the days when anyone could just go out and buy a bed because he needs a bed. One has to take several things into consideration now. You have to check the brand, durability and most of all the reviews.

The best thing to do when choosing a mattress is to read as many reviews as possible and use the elimination method. You decide what you are looking for and choose the one that suits you most.

I was introduced to Memory Foam in 2013 while I was suffering from back pain. My son tried to convince me that a Memory Foam mattress might help me but that was far from my thoughts. When I was reluctant to buy it, he bought it himself.

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Memory Foam can relieve the pressure on joints allowing you to rest comfortably. It distributes your weight evenly and cushions pressure points. Lack of support during sleep will lead to tossing and turning.

An ordinary innerspring mattress will lose the ability to buffer pressure points over time. It will gradually stop supporting your spine.

Memory Foam will last twice the time of an ordinary innerspring mattress and gives you excellent support.



Prices can range from $100 to $4000. Mattresses that are expensive are at least 75% thicker than inexpensive ones. The thicker mattresses are suitable for people with above average weight. An individual with above average weight should avoid sleeping on a thin mattress.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam


Memory Foam conforms to your body and reduces pressure on your spine. This enhances sleep and enables a good rest.

Distributes body weight, evenly taking pressure off the neck, back and spine allowing realignment and correcting sleeping posture.

Records have shown that long use of Memory Foam reduces chronic neck and back pain.

It has a positive effect on respiratory problems as it makes it easier to breathe during sleep.

Memory Foam mattresses are made from materials that promote good health. They are dust mite resistant and help people who are allergy sensitive.


Very little maintenance necessary. No need to turn or flip them.

No sagging

Good warranty of about 10 to 25 years


Foam retains heat so some Memory Foams are hotter than a normal mattress.

Name Brand Memory Foam can be expensive but it is good for your body and last a longer.


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