Product Name: Killer Content System
Price: $47
Owners: Socrates Socratous

Based on the title of this product I decided to do a research on it. I thought Killer Content System would be a product with content that readers cannot resist, but would look forward to reading. This type of content I thought would lead to conversion. This review is done after doing an in-depth research. I will write the information as I collected them and then we can decide if this is a profitable product.

If you want to learn how to start a business and make honest money online check out my review.

Overview of Killer Content System

Killer Content System is introduced by a video. I started listening to the video and within a few minutes, I was sound asleep. It is not an easy video to watch, it is very boring.

Killer Content System was created by someone who gives his name as Socrates Socratous. It is a program that claims to create niche websites. According to Socrates, anyone can make money using the method,  without working very hard for long long periods.
It is unwise to give anyone false hope about making money online while just sitting back doing nothing. Making money online is not magic, it is dedicated work. The only people who make easy money are the scammers.

What Is Killer Content System

Killer Content System is an automated system which promises that anyone regardless of experience will be able to make an income from the program. You will get access to more than 15,000 written articles and the article spinner.
There are 10 Training videos consisting of lots of basic information. This information will help you to choose suitable niches from a list of 980. The content for the niche you choose will be selected for you. You will edit the content and only add it to your website when you are completely satisfied.

There is no need for me to say that this method will save you valuable time. Marketers spend a whole lot of time writing content. If you can get pre-written content, half of your work is done.

A concern I have about pre-written content is that more than one person will have the same content on their websites. This will not go down well with Google. Duplicate content does not rank well in Google.

Cost of Killer Content System

The advertised cost of the program is $47 but it is really being sold for $37. There is a timer on the site advising you that the price will increase so that you will buy hastily. I dislike websites with timers because this method is used by scammers.

Pros and Cons of Killer Content System


Low cost to get started
Lots of Videos
Pre-written content saves time
The Training teaches Basics of Affiliate Marketing.


Limited Support
Duplicate content
Outdated System
No Free trial

Is The Killer Content System The Real Deal?

The training method used for this program is outdated. If the same content is given to everyone, there is no certainty about how the content is edited. Content is important to your ranking on Google. If you cannot get a good ranking to get traffic then chances are, you might not make any money.
Whether or not you make any money is dependent on your ability and willingness to re-write the content.


Killer Content System is a legit program and I have no doubt that individuals have made money from it in the past. When a system is outdated it is best to move with the tide and find programs that work. The program is legit but it may be risky to buy into it.

My Recommendation

To be successful in any job you have to be trained and have a knowledge of what you are doing. There is a program that trains you to be an Affiliate Marketer. There is a Free Starter program which allows you to try the program before you buy it. You will get 2 free websites and you will be in a community with about 500,000 members, everyone has the same objective that is to make money online.

This is the best training you can find anywhere on the internet. There is Live Chat and you can get all the help you need from the community. I am advising you to try the program and if you do not like it you are not obligated to buy.  You do not need any Credit Card to sign up for the Free membership.