To get information from this site you have to put in personal information first. The information on this website can be found on other scam websites.


Product Name: Simple Income Strategies


Creator:           Kelly Simmons

Cost:               $99.99 + several upsells

Overall Rating:   SCAM



Overview of Simple Income Strategies


There was a notice that says the product was for immediate release on Saturday, August 5, 2017.  It further stated that the work from home opportunities had been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, ABC and CNN. This website is a replica of scam sites such as HOPE. To get information from this site you have to put in personal information.

When you enter the site you are urged to buy right away because all positions are filling up rapidly. The first day I visited this website there was a notice saying there were only 2 spaces left and urging me to buy before the spaces were gone. I went back the other day and there were 9 spaces left.

There are 6 testimonials on the page all saying how wonderful Simple Income Strategies are and that they have made a lot of money since they started.

According to the website, you are guaranteed to make $379 daily for working a few hours. This they say can be part-time.

If you want to get Training Online I can recommend the program I learned from. They are trust worthy and you will be taught how to start and develop a business. There is a Free Starter Membership that means you can try the program before you buy it.

There is someone who gives her name as Kelly Simmons giving her story of working paycheck to paycheck. She says she was divorced and had to care for her daughter. I have read that story before. They are not concerned about how often they used the same story since they believe that they can convince you to buy the product they are selling.


Every time you think the Link Posting Scam has ended someone surfaces with a similar website, basically the same information and testimonials. The only thing that is different is the URL. The pictures can be found elsewhere on the internet.

The Link Posting Scam is not new. The website says it takes 1-2 minutes to post links and that is how long it takes to make money. Try not to be deceived by these people because it is very hard to catch up with them. They offered a 30-day money back but if they are selling fake products why would they return your money?

The Wealth Development Center Certificate Program

They said you will be connected to an expert to be given free one and one consultation.  The personal email address of the owners will be given to so you can ask all the questions you want.  


Simple Income Strategies promises placement as a Search Engine Agent after you sign up for the Certification Course. I have never heard of this one before but I know that they will not rest until they get some money from you. There is no mention of the type of training you will receive.


Simple income Strategies is a website to be avoided. If you really need the training to start a business online go to the link below.