Scammers are super friendly characters, they have learned how to make friends and gain the trust of their victims. A large number of scammers target the Western Union.

The Western Union has put in place guidelines for sending and receiving money. When money is sent the sender is given a tracking number. The receiver must have a government identification along with the tracking number that was given to the sender, to receive the money. Scammers still find ways to get money that is sent to them. Most time they get help from their victims who give them the tracking numbers.

 The Grant Scam

Scammers find different ways to swindle money from unsuspected individuals. One individual calls and informs you that you have been given a grant of $7000.00.

This grant is to help you with bills that you owe due to illness or unemployment. The grant is from the United States government you are told, and you are given 2 numbers which according to the caller are your file number and office contact number. These individuals are heartless and try to capitalize on other peoples downfall.

When you call the office number you are asked for your file number. This number is used to identify you and then you are addressed by your name. The person on the other end said, “Miss Luna this grant is for $7000.00”. I asked why I was given the grant she replied! “Because you always pay your bills on time.”


scamsThe moment she told me the reason for the grant I knew right away that they were trying to scam me. I asked what I had to do to get the money and was told that I had to pay the processing fees and tax. That money has to be paid through the Western Union before they could release the grant.

I told the woman that she was fit for prison and I could help her to get there. “This is not a joke!” She said. Well! I was not joking, I seriously would like to see her in jail. I advise her not to call my number again and hang up the phone.

You have to be smart and not be quick to collect money that you did not earn. The scammers follow your every move online and some of the things they found out are through Social Media. People write their affairs online and tell their followers everything they do from they rise in the mornings to the time they go to bed at nights. You have to avoid writing personal information on the internet because the scammers have found out how to access personal information from Social networks.



Lottery Scam

The lottery scam has been going on far too long. I am in sympathy with the victims but I really cannot help wondering if these individuals listen to the news or read the papers. One does not have to pay to collect winnings of any kind and to be on the safe side you should double check the companies from which you may have won the prize and do not communicate with the callers over the phone.

Calls coming to your phone from 876 area code are associated with The Jamaican Lottery scam. The scammers have gotten smart however and are using Majic Jack and other devices to obtain American phone numbers making it hard to screen the calls.

It is a heartless act and although a few of them have been caught, the number of lottery scammers are on the rise. It is quite obvious that they have called several individuals until they find someone who is vulnerable.

Someone will call you to say Congratulations! You have won the PCH lottery. You will receive $2 million now and $7000.00 a week for life. You also won a 2015 BMW. You are given a 6 digit number and told to contact event headquarters.

When you call headquarters, any 6 digit number you give will be accepted. That is fair warning that scammers are at work. Then you are told that taxes and legal fees have to be paid before the prize patrol arrives. The taxes on the $2 million might be $200 to be sent to your agent through the Western Union. Sometimes this is the only money the older folks have and because of this, they are happy to hear that things will be getting better from now on so they are willing to spend $200 to get $2 million.

A 72-year-old grandmother in New Jersey committed suicide after losing $248,000 to scammers after being promised a $2.5 million pay-out. This was her entire savings she lost in a Jamaican base lottery scam.

Sometimes when people get desperate they do not listen to suggestions. They so badly want to get out of a situation that they believe everything that could be true, not stopping to evaluate the situation. You can only win the lottery if you bought a ticket.

The Jamaican government is now taking the situation seriously and is working with the United States to bring these notorious scammers to justice.




House Rental Scam.

Another Scam that has caught many people off guard is the rental scam. It is hard to think that when you think that you have a good thing going and that you are fortunate to have things going your way, to realize that you have been scammed.

This house was advertised and a young lady who was trying to find an apartment went to see the house. This was just what she was looking for. She could not believe that she was getting such a deal. She agreed to rent the apartment. The owner was very skeptical, according to him he had a hard time with tenants not been able to pay the rent. The only way he was going to let her have the apartment is if she could prove that she could afford to pay the rent.

To prove this she should send some money to her sister using money transfer. She should also send a copy of the receipt to the landlord so he could see that the transaction took place. This young lady felt safe because the money was going to her sister and she knew that her sister would never rob her.

She followed the instruction of the landlord but before she realized what was happening the money was collected by the con artist. The house was not belonging to him and the owners had not advertised it, neither were they renting it.

The matter was reported to the police and the crooks were caught.

Home Owners get Scammed

Home Owners also get scammed by potential tenants. A house is advertised on Craigslist and someone responded and said he knows the house and would like to rent it.
After making the arrangements he agreed to send the landlord a check for the amount. He sent a check to cover the deposit, the first month’s rent and he added an extra $1000 to the amount.

The con artist then gets in touch with the landlord and apologized for the mistake and asked that the excess is returned to him. The landlord lodges the check to his bank account and withdraws the $1000 and sends it to the con artist.

After a couple days, the bank informed the landlord that the check bounced and the $1000 will be taken from his account along with the fee for the bounced check.

The con artist would have stopped communication and changed address already making it hard to contact him and elude the police.

More and more people fall for these scams daily. One has to be careful and be alert, it is never safe to trust an individual because he looks honest.


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