Wealthy Affiliate Review, An unbias report

Name:                            Wealthy Affiliate               

  • Overall Ranking      98/100
  • Cost :                            Free Starter  (no credit card needed)
  •                                         Premium $49 monthly, $359 yearly
  • Owners                       Kyle and Carson
  • Website                      www.my.wealthyaffiliate.com

Like many others, I am certain you are curious to find out the truth about Wealthy Affiliate. In this review, I will tell it as it is from the inside.

Two years ago I started researching Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical to join even the free program because I knew that these online sites tell you that it’s free and after they received your email address, the next step is the credit card.

There was another online scheme which was free to join. According to the coordinators, I would be making six figures in a matter of weeks. After I joined there were several packages to purchase so I coulthiefd get leads. 

I realized before long that I was getting nowhere. I wasted valuable time and the six figures turned out to be six zeros.       

After everything else failed I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try I told myself this is my last online encounter. If I failed on this I will not try to make money online again. I would have to find another way out.


Unlike some of the home based online business, Wealthy Affiliate does not tell you how much you are going to make. They tell you that what you put in is what you will get out so you will have to work hard to build your business. I signed up for the free starter program. Now I am on the inside I can see for myself.

After I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Program I was overwhelmed when I saw the number of active members. Some send welcome messages, wishing good luck and offering to help if I needed it. There is live chat available at all times.        community-people

You can write your problems in live chat and the experts will see them and respond. You can also ask the owners.      

I was pleasantly surprised when I sent Kyle a message and the response came promptly. This is the best support team I have ever experienced and  I have been around for a long time.

If you are researching Work at Home jobs online you might probably see a few articles telling you that the free course at WA is worth trying. The free course at Wealthy Affiliate is well recommended by online marketers which is one of the reasons I signed up.

Yes, the training is SUPER, Websites were never in my thoughts but now I am building them.




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Using ‘SiteRubix’ and the instructions given by Kyle I built my website in seconds. This is a lifetime investment.  The free program continues but if you choose to be a paying member and sign up before seven days you’ll be given 59% discount.

You pay only $19 for the 1st month and $49 per month thereafter. When you become a premium member you can upgrade to a yearly membership of $359 per year, (which is $29 per month.Premium members have access to all the products at WA. All tools and services needed to build your business online are at Wealthy Affiliate. The training at WA is second to none. I did the boot camp training and it is a step by step training that is done using videos.

You learn at your own pace and can replay the videos if you miss something. The training is thorough and it is as if you are sitting in a classroom before a lecturer. 


Success at WA depends on you.  It is not an overnight get-rich thing but others here are living independently with a steady stream of income. With perseverance, you can do the same.


Pros  & Cons


  • A lot of information to cover in the lessons
  • Beginners may get lost in some areas but the videos are always available.
  • One has to stay focused or you could get wrapped up in conversation with community members and waste the time you should be using to build your business


  •    WA offers help and advice to everyone whether you are an experienced marketer or a Newbie.
  •   All the things you need to build your business are at WA.
  • There is no software to download.
  • Once you sign in you have access to all you need.
  • Free starter program
  • You are not asked for credit or debit cards
  • You can cancel the program after the trial or stay on the free account
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lessons are tasked based and motivating
  • Some members share success stories which encourage you to keep working hard
  • You are surrounded by individuals who have the same objective, to make money online                                                     


  1. Newbie knowing nothing about affiliate marketing or building websites
  2. Retired persons wanting to make some money to fulfill their dreams
  3. People who are always scammed online can build their business in a trustworthy atmosphere
  4. Bloggers who want to improve their financial status
  5. Those wanting to Work from Home.
  6. Students wanting to increase their tech skills and make money online
  7. Spouse who want to adequately provide for the family
  8. Veterans
  9. Individuals who are uncertain about their retirement income
  10. Just about everyone who wants to do business online.










How do you make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

You will be taught how to make a website and add affiliate links. When a customer buys an item from a third party website using your affiliate link, the item does not cost more but you receive a commission.

A lot of Marketers love to sign up for Amazon. This could be because Amazon has a good program although they do nit pay the highest commission. There are many other programs that Marketers can sign up for. You will be given the names of some at Wealthy Affiliate and you can finr\e others online.

Not only do we offer the best online training but there is also an affiliate program where you make money by referring others to the community.

For the first month where 59% discount is offered, you are paid a commission of $8 then, $22.50 thereafter, $175 yearly.  This is a recurring commission. There are great possibilities at Wealthy Affiliate.

Name:                            Wealthy Affiliate               

  • Overall Ranking      98/100
  • Cost :                            Free Starter  (no credit card needed)
  •                                         Premium $49 monthly, $359 yearly
  • Owners                       Kyle and Carson
  • Website                      www.my.wealthyaffiliate.com

The Verdict

This is an awesome program.

Yes! I recommend this program.

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