Product Name: Traffic Broker                                
Owner: Jeff Walker
Cost $4.95, then $49.95 monthly.


What is Traffic Broker

Traffic Broker is an AD Network that helps webmasters who want to make money from their websites. When they are connected to the advertisers, they use their websites to give exposure to products. This Home Business opportunity helps webmasters to make money from online traffic

The program includes intensive training that teaches you to be traffic merchant for websites and advertisers. Jeff Walker uses videos to teach you how to established a Home Business step by step. Most Internet businesses pay you when you get sales. Traffic Brokers pay you for traffic activity, no sales commission required. You just have to learn to send visitors to the websites.
To become a Publisher you have to complete the application form with login and payment information.
You will be sent an email with instructions how to activate your account. For payment, you can choose from PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, and wire transfer. The minimum payment is PayPal, Paxum, and Payoneer $100.00, wire transfer $1000.00.
Payments are processed at the start of every month.

While I was researching this product I saw some comments posted on, which were quite negative. There were 7 comments and they were as negative as they could get. One person was swearing in disbelief that the website was still up.
It makes me wonder about what I have read on two sites about how wonderful the product is. Publishers who are dishonest are dangerous people. They support these dishonest people by giving them good reviews all because they have an interest in the product and want you to sign up. When they recommend the products consumers buy them and lose their money.

Is This Another Scam?

Traffic Brokers is not a scam but I cannot recommend this product I was about to purchase it when I saw the complaints. It is too risky now. They have paid their members in the past but there are a lot of complaints about them

When you are researching a product, it is important that you do not stop at 2 or 3 reviews but you read as many as possible. It is also a good thing to know the websites where the reviews are fake.Traffic Brokers started off as a good idea. Some individuals made money from it but a number of individuals also lost large sums of money.  If you sign up for the 7-day trial, you could end up paying much more if you forget to cancel. I never accept a trial where they are asking for small amounts from your credit card. I see this as a trick to get your credit card information.

  • The Training materials are outdated
  • They made false statement about how much money you can make
  • They do not give Free Trial
  • You get help from the forum but you have to pay $49.95 per month to do so.

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Product Name: Traffic Broker
Owner: Jeff Walker
Cost $5, then $50 monthly.

Recommended NO