Product Name           The Rich Janitor
Type Of Business      Traffic Generator
Owner                         Mike Dee (aka) Mike Daugherty
Price:                          $27 & 2 upsells                     
Recommended         NO


The Rich Janitor
By Luna Cardoza

I saw an advertisement about The Rich Janitor owned by Mike Dee in which it stated that there was a free video being offered to expose the truth about making Millions online automatically. Of course! I was interested because I have never automatically made anything online. It also promised Free $70 deposit just for watching the Free Video.

The advertisement asked for an email before I could see the video. I put an email in the slot believing that a video was available although I knew that making money online does not come that easy. The moment I click on the Get Started Now label a form pops up asking me what method I wanted to use for payment. It was then I noticed that I had to pay $27.

There is also a clock counting down the seconds for when the discount will end. Something went off in my head telling me to be ALERT. I did not know what I was asked to buy because I was asked to pay for it before finding out.Who needs a credit card to watch a Free Video? If I were to be given $70, why couldn’t they take the 27 dollars from it I decided to find out what the whole thing was about.

Overview Of  The Rich Janitor


What is The Rich Janitor about?

The product developed by Mike Dougherty now Mike Dee is a Traffic Generator System. It promised to show you how to turn your computer into a profitable business working part time about 5 hours per week. All you have to do is follow the step by step system that you will be given.

The system can be broken down into 3 steps.
1. Create articles using the given software.
2. Share articles to the different websites with the click of a mouse.
3. Eran Revenue.


You are advised to copy the strategies of The Rich Janitor, choose from 24 markets the system will give you leads and boost your sales. You are guaranteed to make $200 per day working only a few hours per day. It is obvious the “The Rich Janitor” is living in the past, maybe that used to happen when he started first but I can assure you that you will not get rich copying outdated software that he claims made him millions. 

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I believe the money the Rich Janitor made is from those who bought into the system without researching the product. I have read a few complaints from clients who are having difficulty getting a refund. The upsells come so quickly, and before you realized your credit card is charged. The product carries about $800 in upsells.   

My Final Thoughts 

I cannot recommend The Rich Janitor to anyone. There might be a few of the strategies that work but there is a huge price to pay for the program. There are hidden fees and it is really a lot of money to pay for a system that is outdated and does not have much to offer. 

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