The Four Percent Group Review

Welcome to I shall Achieve, I am pleased that you have chosen to visit my website. I think that you may be trying to find out more about the Four Percent Group. You may be asking yourself! Is The Four Percent Group a Scam? Continue reading my review in which I have documented all the information I found about the product.


I was on the LeadsLeap platform trying to advertise my business when I came across the Four Percent Group. The founder Vick Strizheus is an eloquent presenter, who almost convinced me to buy the product.


I listened to an introductory video and decided that Vick was making a whole lot of sense so I went to the site with the intention to learn more about The Four Percent Group. The first thing I noticed was that the product was overpriced so, I knew it was time to do a research.


I am not an affiliate of The Four Percent Group neither am I associated with them. There is no Affiliate Link on my site for The Four Percent Group.

If you want to learn about Affiliate Marketing let me tell you about my favorite program.               

  • Product Name: The Four percent Group
  • Founder/Vendor: Vick Strizhews
  •  Price:      $49 (discounted price)

Who Is  Vick Strizhews

Before I go into the review let us take a look at the founder Vick Strizhews. He is known to be of Empower Network fame. Vick was one of the top salesmen in Empower Network.


Empower Network is not doing well on the market because of the lots of negative reviews that those who got burnt by this network have written and put on the internet. Vick Strizhews was one of those persons. Vick Strizhews, has owned and promoted several products such as:

7 Figure Marketing School

High Figure Traffic Academy    

Big Idea Mastermind

All of which did not go well with his customers. In 2007 Vick was convicted and sentenced to 90 days in prison and 5 years probation for insurance fraud……

The 90 days were served on weekends.


Vick is an excellent speaker like I said he almost convinced me to buy the product. We have all made mistakes in life and some of us made a turnaround and start all over again. I am not God so I will not condemn this man, if he repented and is doing well now I am happy for him.


Overview of Four Percent Group

The four Percent Group by Vick Strizhews is a program which he said will help you to make high levels of income. The program is loaded with simple designs to get rid of any frustrations, related to starting a business online.


Anyone and everyone can make money from the program, according to Vick. He said The Four Percent Group is the fastest growing Marketing and Training Center for both digital entrepreneurs and small businesses. 


The four percent Group is concerned about Getting results. The video says you will make large sums of money. Every time I see a vendor talking about how you can make thousands of dollars is a few days or weeks I become cautious.


Vick Strizhews is an experienced marketer and he is good at what he does. He knows that you will not make $100 in 90 days. This is online work we are talking about. 


Vick opined that the products and training of The Four Percent product are cutting edge information, strategies and tactics that are working. Instructions are done by doing practical stuff and not just theory.


Listening to the introductory video I thought about how wonderful Vick Strizhews was as a presenter. Then I saw the price of the product.  The product is heavily overpriced but Vick Strizhews and his group have a history of selling expensive products which they usually claim will let you get rich quick. According to Vick, you will make 100K in 90 days


In programs where products are overpriced, the only ones getting rich are those selling the products. They get rich by selling their expensive products to vulnerable individuals who got taken in by their excellent presentations.


Internet Marketing College is a new product for the Four Percent Group. It was compiled by Chris Record who is also an associate of Vick Strizhews, both work together at Empower Network. After you sign up for Four Percent you will be introduced to Internet Marketing College.


They claim that everyone is making large sums of money but based on the reputation of the companies they had in the past it doesn’t have to be true. Vick uses both Fear and Urgency tactics on his clients. When I went on the site, there was a timer advising clients that there is a 38% discount which will expire when the time runs out.


T he product is still being sold for $49.

This is a new product and there is a lot of hype about it. I am not for a moment promoting it, I just want you to be warned and get into the habit of researching the products before you buy them.


Some of the people who are promoting the products are affiliates and are trying to make a sale.I prefer not to make any sales that to scam anyone out of their money because I answer to a higher power and I do have a conscience.


There is a better and honest way for you to build an online business. There is a program where you can learn how to do Affiliate Marketing. You have the opportunity to Try the program for free. The Starter Membership is free so you can try it to see if this is a program you would be interested in.


If you like it and sign up for the Premium Membership before 7 days you will get a discount and pay only $19 for the first month. The monthly membership from there on is $49. The free membership can continue for as long as you want but there are some limitations to it. You can read my review about. the program here.  My Review