Reading the advertisement for Commission Machine makes me wonder how legit the claims are for someone starting a business online. The words used in the promotion of this product stating how you can earn $2642.60 a day by copying ‘The secret Weapon’ is the reason why I decided to do this review.

Product Name: Commission Machine

Owner: Michael Cheney

Price $37 (Advertised Cost)

Upsells $197, $97


This review is done from the research I did. I am not an affiliate of The Commission Machine neither am I associated with the owner of the product. This review is not done to enhance sales but to give you a clearer picture of the product.

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Michael Cheney has been a full-time marketer online since 1999. According to Mr. Cheney, he has made over $7 million since he started. I agree with him when he said you have to choose a strategy, stick to it and work towards getting an increase

The commission machine, Michael Chaney said it takes only a few minutes a day to make a lot of money. It is a copy and paste method that you can use with your present business. You do not need an email list because you can make huge sums of money with the program.

When an experienced marketer tells me that I can make huge sums of money immediately after activating a program, I begin to be cautious. I definitely do not believe any such thing. Earning money online does not come by flipping your finger, it really is not magic.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to mislead people by telling them things that are impossible. 

What is The Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine is a Video Course on writing effective email marketing campaign to promote affiliate offers on the internet. It teaches various methods that you can use to make more money online using email. It is divided into modules

Module 1

Getting started- The R.A.P.I.D. Formula (Time 3:11)

Teaches you how to build your own commission machine. The product is explained and you are given a guideline of the module.

Module 2

Research  (Time 28:28)

You are taught when to find products, and how to find a good commission. You are encouraged to stick to the money niche because people join daily. He teaches you how to get the most out of promotions.

Module 3  (Time 24:10)

You are taught how to motivate prospects to buy your products. According to Michael, his technique will help you to get more sales than others.

Module 4 (Time 23:24)

Providing incentives to motivate potential buyers. You are taught when to give incentives and when not to.

Module 5  Messages (Video Time 46:53)

In this module, you will learn how to create messages to promote your chosen products. It is important to use appropriate messages to promote the products you want to sell.

Module 6 (Time 26:43)

In this module, you will apply all that you were taught to manage promotions to get the best commissions possible. This is a method you can use to get the most out of your business.

Module 7 (Time13:38)

You are taught how to make commission without an email list and how to get your advertisement on Facebook without a list.

Module 8  Advanced Ninja Tactics (Video Time 11:08)

This is a Bonus Module. You are shown ways in which you can increase your earnings. A case Study is included and he shows everything he did for that promotion.

Who Is Commission Machine For?

It is my opinion that this course is suitable for experienced marketers who already got an email list to work with.

Pros of Commission Machine

  • Great Content
  • Strategies will work with other products
  • Lots of Creativity
  • Videos were professionally done.


Cons of Commission Machine

No list building or traffic Strategies.


This is a legit product. I still do not think you will make money instantly but I think you will be able to make money from it if you work at it.


Making money online takes training and dedication. If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing Read about my favorite program. There is a Free Starter Membership for which you do not need a credit card. If you decide to try the program and then decide that it is not a match for you, there is nothing to worry about. I can assure you however that you will love the training and you can stay on the free program for as long as you want.