Starting Online Business


In this article, I will give you some of the steps to starting Online Business. Before you venture out to do online home based business you should have a mindset of exactly what you want to do. There is advanced technology in the form of product and services available to assist you.


Planning is essential for starting a business online. If you have a day job do not quit to start an internet Business unless you are certain that you have enough money to sustain the business and yourself until it can stand on its own. Give your online business time to be profitable. When it becomes profitable, devote your time to it and then you can make a decision about your regular job.



Try a free starter if that is available in the area you want to begin your business, By doing this you will get an idea of what you are getting into and if it is not suitable you can always change your mind without losing any money.


Try to avoid sites that forced you to pay first with the promise of Money Back Guarantee. Most of those sites are usually scams. Good research is needed to find the best areas in which you can invest. Always read the Pros and Cons of Reviews and this will help you to decide if the product is what you are looking for.


The first step in starting a business is to have an objective. Write it on paper and be specific about the period of time over which you hope to achieve this objective. Your objective should be suitable for your area of interest.


Irrespective of what your product is, there are others online who may be selling the same thing.  How you prepare and market your product is of extreme importance and will get you recognition. Pay attention to originality and durability of the products because this will keep your customers coming back.

Since your Niche is your area of interest, it should be fun planning how you want to build your website and the kind of website that will suit your Niche. After you decide on your specific Niche you will need to build a website.


Free website hosting is available but for a business which you hope will grow, it is best to find a hosting service that is structured to provide all the tools and services you will need to grow your business.

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When you do your own programming you have more options but if you are inexperienced, it is best to choose a web hosting service that will guide you along. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for Affiliate Marketing and Host Gator for other commercial business.



Choose a name for your business.Choose one that can be remembered by your customers and friends. It is a good idea to go to the sites and try to get an idea of what is available.There is a limited number to choose from.

For Example

  1.  . -Government agencies
  2.  . edu          Educational solutions
  3.  . org          Organizations (nonprofit)
  4.  . net –        Network organizations
  5.  . mil-        Military
  6.  .com         Commercial business
  7.  . ca           Canada
  8.  . th           Thailand

The internet is based on IP addresses and every web server requires a Domain Name System (DNS) server to translate domain into IP address. Register the domain name you have chosen.


Try to decide how much money you have to spend on the business.  You must remember that it might be a while before a profit is realized and you may have to be paying monthly fees.


If you are getting a loan, think about how you will make payments on the loan while you give your business time to progress.  Like all business, Online Business is not an overnight get rich project as the Gurus advertised, it takes time and perseverance.


The fantastic thing about online business is that if you have a good marketing strategy you are able to reach millions of customers.

Adding Social Media



Making your name known to Social Media will enhance your online success. Set up Business Account on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Cross post to your Social Media sites and let them link back to your main site. This will allow your followers to know that you are the same person.



Affiliate Marketing

An effective way that companies are using to boost their online sales is Affiliate Marketing. You are given an affiliate link when you sign up. This link has a unique identification. An affiliate commission is paid to you when someone buys an item through your affiliate link. The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you do not need your own product you can sell other people’s stuff.


Some of these sites are free to join. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and they offer a free starter membership. You can continue with that program or upgrade to Premium. You will be in a community where everyone has the same objective and helps each other to achieve.

If you upgrade within seven days you get 69% discount. For that first month, you pay $19. The monthly fee from there on is $47 but if you decide to pay yearly there is a further discount.




Wealthy Affiliate has a training program that is rated #1 in the internet circle. There is a large community which gives support.  We all look out for each other, questions are always answered and Premium members have direct access to the owners Kyle, and Carson.

I strongly recommend this company if at all you decide to do Affiliate Marketing


  • Online business just like any other business takes some time to grow and make money.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others.
  • Read Reviews from companies you want to join and remember that some of the reviews are written by stakeholders who will try to sway you in their direction.
  • Do not pay money to individuals who are offering their services to teach you how to make money online. Learn from research and the testimonials and mistakes of other individuals.

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