This is a new product on the market and everyone wants to know if it is worth buying. Square one Commissions was created by Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr. Trevor has been known for his outstanding marketing training to online Marketers.

Product Name:                          Square One Commissions
Creator:                                      Trevor Carr Paul Nicholls
Price:                                          $7.00+ 5 upsells
Niche:                                         Affiliate Marketing

Refund policy:                           30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pros and Cons of Square One Commissions


2 different types of training

Step by step guidance
Newbie Friendly
Easy to follow


Poor customer service


Overview of Square One Commission


The creators of Square One Commission was asked by marketers what they would do if they were unsuccessful online and had to start all over again. They both came up with a product to demonstrate ways in which one can get started online, and named the product Square One Commission.

Internet Marketing takes a lot of time and patience. There are some marketers who keep trying the same method over and over although it does not work for them. Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr believe that if the method you are using is not working you should scrap it and start all over with something fresh.

Both creators gave separate strategies that you can use to make a fresh start in case what you are doing is not working. Paul and Trevor are experienced both with Affiliate and Internet Marketing. Trevor Carr has made his name in the business for excellent training products.

Trevor and Paul are full-time marketers and earn their salary working on the internet. There are 2 different sets of training in the package

The Package

Square one Commissions teaches about  Affiliate Marketing. The program promised to teach you different strategies to enhance your marketing experience online. It does not only focuses on Affiliate Marketing but it also teaches about promotions and funnels built up.
Trevor Carr said if you follow the training videos, it will be easy for you to make money. The course consists of:

Methods for Affiliate Marketing
Real Case Study
Videos that boost conversion rate
Method to convert subscribers into real buyers
Sales video presentation
Start up for Newbies
How to boost Affiliate sales
Traffic Platform.
Effective Keywords to boost conversion

Who Should Buy the Product

Newbies who need training in digital marketing.
Affiliates who want to boost sales
Those looking to make money online

Would you like to learn Affiliate Marketing? I can recommend the #1 Training Program on the internet.  You can earn while you learn.


Square one Commissions  (Front End Product)           $6.95

1st       OTO – $12.95

Advance tactics and strategies — Teaching you to focus on the main areas and using both strategies to build your business.

2nd     OTO — $17

Done For You- Business in a Box Free study gift. Sales page presentation with 5 follow-up emails.

3rd      OTO — $19

Fastest Way to achieve success using personalize training to help set up your business.

4th      OTO — $37

PLR Rights of Internet Marketing Training

These can be used as Front End Products

5th      OTO — $77

PLR rights to video coaching series These can be resold to your customers

This product has 5 upsells. In situations like this, before you can download the product,  you are taken to a webinar where the OTOs are introduced to you and you are asked to buy them. The OTOs are more expensive than the front end product. I will never get used to the idea that when I buy a product I will have to buy 5 or 6 other products with it. I cannot understand why this is necessary.



This is a great way to get started in marketing online. All you need to know is included in the training. The lessons are divided into small steps, making the easier to understand. Although there is no guarantee when you will make money there is the possibility that it will be soon.


Product Name:                          Square One Commissions
Creator:                                      Trevor Carr Paul Nicholls
Price:                                          $7.00+ 5 upsells
Niche:                                         Affiliate Marketing

Refund policy:                           30-Day Money Back Guarantee