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In this post, I will suggest 10 small business ideas which I hope will influence those who are unemployed and those who have dreams to start their own business.Unemployment does not have to last forever. You can create your own jobs and become your own boss. It is empowering to be independent and make your own decisions, all it takes is willpower.

When you are self-employed you can create jobs for others by hiring them to be your assistants or wherever the need arises.

Flea Market

An excellent way to start a small business is to find all the things around the house that you can do without and sell them at the Flea market. These are things that you have not used for 1 year or over. You probably would be throwing out or giving away those things. You can also buy things from Yard Sales to sell at the Flea Market.

It’s best to find a Flea Market that rents spaces on a daily basis for about $20 or less. The money that is made from selling your household items can be used to start a business at the Flea Market. While selling the things from your house you can look around to find suitable areas that you can use the money to invest in. As soon as you make enough money you could get a permanent shop and take your business to another level. This business can be started with $30. Most of the money made from this venture will be a profit considering that you did not spend much money to start.


If you already owned a sewing machine you could start a home based business sewing toys, cushions, decorations and doing alterations. Patterns can be bought at Walmart and eBay. If you need to buy a sewing machine then you could start with an inexpensive one for about $39. Sometimes they can be bought at thrift stores or yard sale where the cost could be between $10. to $15
When you established your business you could upgrade to an industrial machine. The sewing business can be quite profitable. You just have to determine where the need exists most. Stores are often times in need of persons to do alterations.There are free sewing classes online where you are taught to make handbags, and toys among other things. You join using an email address or Facebook. You will be taught to make patterns and a variety of things.

Pet Sitting /Dog Walking

If you love animals you will have fun caring for them and walking dogs. Some pet owners will bring their pets to your home for you to sit them. If the owner does not do that it may mean that you will have to go to the homes 3 to 4 times daily while you are working. Dog Walkers are employed in most large communities where the owners have to work long hours.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning is a very easy skill to learn. There is very little money needed to start this business. It is best to start on a small scale. The house cleaning can get as large as you want it to be. If you decide to go big you will have to register your business with your local states office.

Catering/ Baking

Starting a catering business from home can be beneficial. There are lots of videos that you can access to teach you how to cook if you have not yet mastered the skills.You could start with small parties and weddings, if you do a good job at these you will get customers as each one tells one. As your business progressed you can do it on a larger scale.

Cupcakes are always marketable and can be sold where ever food is sold. You could try to get orders from places that have cafeterias, schools may give you orders too. You just have to be creative and do things that children will like. A lot of people start with a few cakes and cookies and do orders and before long they have a good and profitable business going.

Taxi Operator

Starting a business as a Taxi Operator only needs time and effort if you already own a car. You can sign up with Uber in 4 minutes. Choose your own time, work when you want. With Uber, you are your own boss.

Property Management

For this job, you will be required to ensure that everything runs properly on the property. In cases where units are rented, your supervision is of vital importance. During the absence of the property owner, you will be the contact person for utility and security services. The maintenance of the property will be done by you. Some owners will provide accommodation at a discounted rate. Accommodation is also offered at times in exchange for your service, In situations where accommodation is not provided, you will have to make frequent trips to the property.

Bed & Breakfast

This is a good way to make money in your own home. If there is a room in your house that has its own bathroom you could decorate it and offer bed and breakfast to visitors if you live in a tourist resort. Check to see the going rate for rooms in your area and offer a competitive price for weekends. If you offer good service your guests will not only come back but they will tell others about your hospitality. There are books on Amazon about how to start your own Bed and Breakfast Services in case you want to read more about it.

Errand Service for Seniors

Seniors in your community can use your help sometimes. To start an errand service you should first do a survey of the needs of seniors in the community.Make flyers and deliver them to the homes of potential clients, stating the services you intend to offer and the cost. Try to convince them about how honest and reliable you are. Give flyers to pharmacies and supermarkets let them know that you will deliver groceries to the seniors in your community if an order is made and they are in need of someone to deliver.

Making deliveries for companies like Walmart and Sam’s Club can be very rewarding. If you do a good job the seniors will treat you like family and you will get a lot of work from them. There are times when caregivers want to go out for a few hours and if you are reliable they will call you instead of an agency.

Affiliate Marketing

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