Samsung French Door Refrigerator Review


My Samsung French Door Refrigerator was purchased in February 2016.  I have seen some negative reviews about Samsung French Door Refrigerators but I can only speak about the one that I own.

Product Name: Samsung French Door Refrigerator
Price: $1,249.00
Color: Stainless Steel  

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Samsung French Door Refrigerator has a large storage space ideal for storing groceries for a small to medium size family. The shelves can be adjusted to make room for larger items example large jugs and cartons.
There are 2 large crispers which keep fruits and vegetables for a long period. Filtered water can be made with the touch of a button.

The internal temperature can be controlled by using the external display feature, there is no need to open the doors.
There will never be a need to buy party ice because Samsung French Door Refrigerator has dual ice makers. These will store a large amount of ice. The ice maker gives good service but  I seldom use it so I do not know how it operates under pressure.


Energy Star Certified products save on utility bills while giving you top performance.
EZ-open handle allows you to open the freezer door easily even when there are lots of food packed in it.

Once I mistakenly left the door opened, I heard a sound like the chirping of a bird. I looked all over the kitchen to find what was making the sound then I realized that it was coming from the refrigerator. I closed the door and that was the end of the chirping. It is everything you would want in a refrigerator.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Specifications

Color Stainless Steel
Freezer Capacity 8.93 cu ft
Water Filtration
Filtered Water and cubed crush ice
Child Safety Lock
Water filter indicator
Door alarm
Dispenser Light
Dual Icemaker
Pantry Drawer (controlled Temperature)
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year. (Labor)
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year (parts)
Number of doors 3
Energy Star Certificate

Price $1249.00

Before you buy the Samsung French Door Refrigerator or any other refrigerator, you should check to ensure that your door is wide enough for it to go through and that it will fit in the space you wish to put it. Sometimes big houses are made with some doors that give problems when you buy appliances.
It is not unusual for the homeowners to remove doors so as to get a refrigerator in the house.


I continue to get good service from The Samsung French Door Refrigerator. There are only 2 persons in the house most of the time and we do not have regular parties like some families do, so there is no pressure on it.