Revo Uninstaller Freeware Overview


Revo uninstaller is a freeware uninstall utility that removes unwanted programs that have been installed on your computer. Sometimes we download apps, some of them we need and some out of curiosity. When we no longer need these apps we delete them from our computer. They are not completely deleted however and leave scraps in different places. The more leftovers the apps leave the slower your computer will become

There are lots of free trials and sometimes after a free trial, you realize that you are not interested in the product and you will want to delete it from your computer. When you delete it, there are still parts of it that remain in the different areas that it was used.
When you used Revo uninstaller to remove the application it will remove all the leftovers from your hard drive and gives you more space to do the things you love to do. Revo Uninstaller deletes files permanently from your computer, cleans your registry and gives your computer a good cleaning.

When you remove programs that are recorded in the Add/Remove section of your Control Panel you have to scroll and scroll until you identify it and click remove. Revo Uninstaller, on the other hand, puts these icons before you in an interface so you can choose the ones you need to uninstall. You are not able to put them in a queue so you will have to do them one each time. Revo Uninstaller Pro which is the paid version goes the extra mile like queueing up the apps for deletion and removing them

Revo is now equipt with full 64 bit Windows support. It is now easier to remove apps and clean your computer. Browser plugins and toolbars will not be cleaned by Revo Uninstaller.



Does Revo Uninstaller Work?

I downloaded Revo Uninstaller because I had an app on my computer that I believe was a virus and could not delete it. Every time I thought it was deleted it appeared again.I was getting frustrated when a friend told me about Revo uninstaller.   It puts the icons for all installed apps right on my desktop so I was able to identify the one that was giving me problems and removed it. I was pleased with the way Revo remove the app after I had tried windows for several times. Yes! Revo uninstaller works I always put it on my computer in case I might want to remove something that is troublesome.



Pros and Cons of Revo Uninstaller


Remove leftover program bits.Remove files permanently
Lightweight tuneup
Free 64 bit Windows Support



Cannot queue up multiple apps for deletion.
Cannot remove browser plugins

Cannot be minimized during uninstallation


Programs that cannot be deleted using windows Add/Remove feature, can be uninstalled by Revo Uninstaller. The awesome thing about the app is that once the uninstallation is done no one can restore the information. This freeware does a good job in removing unwanted programs and cleaning your computer.


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