Since the release of Pimpr there has been a lot of buzz about the product by marketers who are promoting it. I bet you are asking yourself the question, Does it work? Continue reading to get my opinion on Pimpr.


Product Name:    Pimpr

Vendor:               Mark Bishop, Trevor Carr

Cost:                   $7.17

Refund Policy   30 days money back guarantee

Recommended  Yes


Overview of Pimpr


Pimpr makes a lot of promises about how much money you can make. They fail to tell you that only an experienced marketer can use it on its own.  The product comes with an eBook and a 48 page PDF. Once you have bought the product you are taken to an area to watch a 2-hour webinar which introduces other products and encourages you to sign up for coaching. These things cost a lot of money.

  There are 2 OTOs that you are asked to buy.

OTO 1  Complete Video Walkthrough of Pimpr.

OTO 2  4 – Weeks intensive coaching to learn everything there is about Pimpr and to continue coaching until you make money.




I bought this product so I have to be careful how I review it so I will not give away too much detail. I must tell you though that although I have decided to keep it, I will not be using it anytime soon. I think inexperienced marketers will need some training on it and nothing is free in this online business.

The program tells you how you can emulate the Affiliates and make money from PLR products. It also tells you where you can buy the products if you do not already have them. It gives you information about the results that were obtained by real people. You must bear in mind that nothing here is set in stone and there is a possibility that you may not get the same results.

If you are a member of Warrior Plus then it is likely that there might be a free training if you buy from the right persons but Mark Bishop and Trevor Carr, have their own platform and they are offering to coach you for the product.

If Pimpr is so easy why do you need another course to implement it?  Pimpr teaches you how to create your own products using PLR (Private Label Rights) products.


PLR Products

PLR products are cheap to purchase, easy implementation and if modified properly no one will be able to detect that you are using someone’s product. The problem is that maybe the product you bought is not an original and there is a chance of plagiarism.

If there is an infringement and it appears on your site, with your name on it, you will get the letter with legal threats. One has to be careful how they use someone’s work.

Does it Work?

Pimpr will work but there is no telling how long it will take you to make money or how much money you will make. I do not believe in buying products and have to buy other products for them to work. I am definitely against hidden Upsells that most of the vendors think they should put into everything that they sell. 

There is a more honest way to get training and to prepare you to work online. The program at Wealthy Affiliate will train you and prepare you for Affiliate Marketing. You are given a Free Starter Membership if you do not like the program you do not have any obligations because you do not need a Credit Card to sign up.