Online Affiliate Marketing Program has taken over the internet. If you have basic knowledge about operating a computer and want to work on the internet, then Affiliate Marketing is a good choice.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business where you can get a commission to sell a third party product.  You do not have to make your own products. You simply select goods you want to promote and advertise for the merchants. When someone buys the products through your affiliate link you get a commission.

Before you can become an affiliate you have to first apply to the merchant, if you are accepted you will be given an affiliate link. A very interesting thing about Affiliate marketing is that if the customer uses your link to go to the merchant’s website, and after browsing decides to buy a different product other that the one he intended at first, you get a commission for whatever he buys anyway.

No need to think abonline-online-marketing-courseout creating your own products, that can be done after you have made a successful business promoting other people’s goods and getting paid to do so.

Although Bloggers put affiliate links on their blogs and make money by doing so, the best way to do Affiliate Marketing is to build a website. I know if you are new to Affiliate Marketing or maybe you are just thinking about it,  you maybe wondering if I am crazy to think that you can build your own website. That’s how I felt when I was told that I could build a website in 30 seconds.


Choosing a Niche

. Before you build your website though you should choose your area of interest. This, of course, is anything you are passionate about. By deciding on what you want to promote on your site you will be better able to build the type of website to match your passion.

Here are 25 Niche Ideas you are free to use them

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Styles and Fashion
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Fitness
  5. Makeup
  6. Vegetarian lifestyle
  7. Work From Home
  8. Make money Online
  9. App Design
  10. Video Gaming
  11. Drones
  12. Retirement
  13. Personal Development
  14. Web Design
  15. Online Jobs                                                              affiliate-marketing2
  16. Pets
  17. Product Reviews
  18. Tinnitus
  19. Transportation
  20. Tips to reverse Pre-diabetes
  21. Communication
  22. Teenage Fashions
  23. Small Business Ideas
  24. Online Scams
  25. Affiliate Marketer Lifestyle

Building a Website

Building a website has never been so easy. WordPress has come up with technology where all you have to do is follow instructions and at the click of a mouse, you have a website.

At Wealthy Affiliate not only will you be able to build your own website but you will be given all the tools and support you need to take your website to the next level.  You may click on the video below to build your free website.

Promoting The Merchants Products

The next step in Affiliate Marketing is to choose the products you want to promote. You had the idea when you choose your niche. You will then apply to the merchants to become an Affiliate and promote the items on your website. The next step will be to generate income

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all the steps in becoming a successful Affiliate. If you accept and join Wealthy Affiliate through my site, I will teach you everything I know and help you along.

There is a Free Starter Membership and with this, you can go to the site free of cost to see if the program is to your liking. If you decide and sign up for Premium Membership within 7 days of signing up for the Starter membership you will get 69% discount. Premium Membership is $49 monthly.


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