My Review of Obihai OBi200 VoIP (Supported by Google Voice)

Product Name: Obihai Obi200 Telephone Adapter

Cost:           $44.99  (One time cost) no monthly phone bills

Rating:       5*

The OBi 200 telephone adapter is the real deal. I bought the OBi 200 a year ago because I was trying to find a landline that was reasonably priced.  The phone bill was getting to me and I knew I would not afford to keep it much longer.

I wanted a phone that supports fax so that when I canceled my account with my internet provided, I would not be deprived of the services I was used to. I had a bundle according to my internet provider but before I realized what was happening, the promotion was over and the  bills were not manageable anymore.

While shopping around for a landline phone, a friend told me that he has been using OBi 200 for a while and he was comfortable with it. He said all I had to do was to order it from Amazon and it would put an end to my landline bills.

I ordered the adapter from Amazon and did the connections myself. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and within10 minutes it is up and running.

You need to set up a Google Voice account. Because Google Voice has such cool features you certainly will enjoy this adapter. I do not hear telemarketers again because you can block them if that suits you.


Google Voice Features:obi-200

  1. Caller ID Number
  2. 3 Way Calling.
  3. (Tele Marketing)  Spam Blocking
  4. Call Waiting
  5. Voice Mail goes straight to email
  6. Voice Message Alert by Text
  7. T38 Fax   (Reliable Faxing)
  8. Free Calls to USA and Canada
  9. No computer required for making calls
  10. 2-Phone Ports
  11. Does Not Support  911 calls


  • OBi Device
  • Google Voice Account
  • Analog/Digital Telephone
  • Broadband Internet connection (has to be connected to modem)
  •  Router with available Ethernet port


This is how the OBi 200 looks when fully connected and ready for use. It comes with the required cables for connection.



You can program Google voice to screen your calls so you do not have to answer the ones you do not want. It works great with the fax machine.

This little device has saved me about $500 in landline phone bills already. It does not support (911 calls but Phone Power will provide the service for $2.92 per month, Anveo $3.33 per month and there are other companies who provides the 911 service.

It is amazing how comfortable I am with this device. I seldom use my cell phone when I am home because the OBi gives such good service I enjoy using it.

Who Should Use  Obihai OBi200 VoIP

Anyone who needs a landline which supports  Fax, and wants  to enjoy all the features of the landline free of cost should try this adapter. No monthly bills to worry about, No disturbance from telemarketers. Your calls are screen according to what you program in Google. I think it is a step in the right direction.

Pros vs Cons


  1.     NO monthly phone bills when paired with Google Voice
  2.     Can call US and Canada free
  3.     Has all the features of a landline
  4.     Can screen your calls
  5.    Supports Fax
  6.    Voice quality good
  7.   Easy to set up


  • OBi Website where the phone is connected can be a little complicated sometimes
  • Does not support emergency calls (you can pay to get the connected with another company.)
  • When screening calls sometimes important calls are not unanswered.




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