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Name:               Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Merchant:         Amazon

Price:                  $129.99


Product Description

8 cup processing Bowl

72- ounce Professional Blender

2  16-single-serve cups

1500 watts power can handle

Non-slip base

Owners Manual

Overview of Ninja Mega Kitchen System


It is very beneficial to have quality kitchen appliances to use in the preparation of meals.The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a versatile equipment, which helps to make the chores in the kitchen a lot easier. I was given this kitchen system as a gift for Christmas 2014. It makes the best smoothies. I like to use frozen bananas to make ice cream.

Both the jugs and the blades are dishwasher safe but I do not put the blades in the dishwasher I wash them with hot water as soon as I am finished using them.  You have to be careful how you handle the blades because they are extremely sharp. I have not change the blades since I got the Ninja Mega kitchen system and they are still as good as new. Continuous, blending of frozen foods or crushing of ice, can damage the plastic jugs.

This is the best blender I ever owned, it is a bit loud but that is a small price that I am paying for this super product. To make a drink for one person, you just have to connect the lid with the blades to one of the single cups  and make smoothies, juices or whatever you want to blend in it.

When preparing vegetables for soups, the food processor does a very good job. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System also blends whole fruits. It makes your work in the kitchen much easier The single- serve cups can be used to grind flax seeds and other seeds.

Another fascinating thing about the Ninja Mega system is its non-slip based.  No need to worry about the base spinning around or sliding off the counter. Once the based is locked, the blender stays in place. It makes 2 pounds of dough in seconds.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with one year warranty.


The single serve uses the same base as the blender. There is a button on the base called Single Serve which is used to control it. You have to hold down the button continuously to blend. The cover of the single serve has a permanent hole in the top suitable for a straw or for just drinking from it. It is no suitable for traveling.

This is my first Ninja product but I am so fascinated with it, that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to purchase a good kitchen system. The one year warranty is long passed but I have nothing to worry about because this ninja is living up to its name. It is super good and has already exceeded my expectations.

Pros Vs Cons

Ninja Mega kitchen System Pros

Professional type blending.

Power- system can handle any type of blending you want to do.

Handle frozen blending and ice crushing like a commercial blender.

Both blades and blender are dishwasher safe.

Easy to clean.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System cons.

Jars are plastic (High Quality)

Plastic jars can break with continuous ice crushing.

Large Jars require a lot of cupboard space.

Not the ideal juicer more suitable for blending.

My Opinion.

The Ninja Mega kitchen System is an excellent choice. If you need a blender, go ahead and try this one. I believe you will be pleased with its performance. It will certainly support healthy living



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