Product Name:           My Paying Ads
Owner:                          Dr. Uday Nara
Cost:                              $5, $10, $25, $50

Type of Business:        Online Advertising Program


My Paying Ads Overview

Every website owner would love to get traffic to his website. Without visitors, there are no conversions. My Paying Ads tries to meet the needs of website owners by selling advertisement packages.
My Paying Ads is an online program that sells advertising services and shares revenue. The company was launched in 2015 and since then it has established itself as a Revenue Sharing Company.
I am not associated with this company I have done a research on it to get more information about it. All my findings are based on research. I am not telling you to join or not to join. I would advise you to read the facts, do some more research and make your own decision.

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Referrals Commission

All members can earn 10% commission from AdPack purchases made by their direct referrals. This is only from Level 1.

Profit Sharing

Profits are shared on all products with all members who have purchase packages. This continues until the member gets 120% earnings on his purchase. There is a maximum of $6000.99 per month that can be withdrawn, Any additional commission has to be used to purchase additional advertising services.


To received profit sharing commission, the member has to purchase AdPacks. He then has to log into My PayingAds daily and surf the website of at least 10 members. Members can only qualify if they surf ads in the Traffic Exchange Module. Profit is distributed every hour when sales are made. When the member gets 120% profit he has reached the maximum.
Revenue Sharing is risky business because when sales go down its the end of the business. To make good money on this site you have to keep buying AdPacks with your earnings. It is not very smart to put back all of your earnings, it is better to always keep a fraction of maybe 10% daily.

Is This Another Scam?

My Paying Ads is not a scam. Its members are making money from the program. The minimum amount one can withdraw is $5 and a maximum of $200.00 per day This is with the understanding that there is enough money in the account. Login ads are viewed by all members who log into their account to surf the ads.  Ads types include Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, Pay Per Click  (PPC) Ads.

Members get Traffic Exchange Credit for every Ad they purchase and they get to view their listed programs according to their credits. You will not make a whole lot of money from this program unless you keep putting back your earnings. You can, however, make some money to supplement your salary.