Everyone dreams of having enough money to take care of bills. If your dream is to work online let me tell you about My Life as an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is an online business where there are minimum setbacks to get started. The chance of making a lot of money from an online business is greater as an affiliate than blogging and some of the other online jobs.
If you surf the internet regularly you will see Gurus showing off Lamborghini and swimming pools, saying that they have made millions of dollars from working 30 minutes per day. Most of these statements are false but because it is possible to make a lot of money doing Affiliate Marketing, a lot of people fall for the scam.






To be successful at Affiliate Marketing, you will need a website, a computer and internet connection. There are some individuals who used their cell phones but I think you will do a better job with a computer especially if you are an older person. This is a program where you apply to companies to promote their products. When the company accepts you an affiliate link will be given to you which you place on your site. When a visitor clicks on that link and buys something from the merchant you get a commission.


My Life As An Affiliate Marketer

In May 2016 I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate for a Free Membership program to be trained to do affiliate marketing. There are 10 lessons to the Starter Membership. I started the training and by the time I reached lesson 3, I build my WordPress Website. I decided that I wanted to stay with this program so I signed up for the Premium Membership.

The first month of the training I was working about 14 hours per day. I had the website up and indexed by Google, and was writing Content. My biggest challenge was to write content. Writing is not my favorite project but I knew that I could do it on my own. The other reason is that I am operating on a low budget so it is best for me to try to write the content for myself.

When I first started I had to ask a lot of questions because everything was new to me. My questions were always answered and I got explanations for all that I did not know. Things have changed now. I seldom ask questions instead I try to answer the questions that are asked by the newcomers. I know how to search to find the answers to my questions.

My typical day starts at 5 am although I am still in bed I listen to the Morning Glory Prayer line and start my day giving praise to the Almighty God. I am aware of the fact that I am not spending enough time reading the word of God since I started to work online. The Prayer Call finishes at 6 am and the time from 6 AM to 8:00 AM I spend doing household chores and listening to the News. I am addicted to the news and cannot start my day without it. I live in the United States and I like to be aware of the happenings and the weather. I also call my sister who lives alone in Canada to see how she is doing.

About 8 AM I sign on to the Wealthy Affiliate Website and start my daily work. I try to spend time on the WA site daily trying to help the Newbies with the question they ask, I also used the keyword tool to find relevant keyword for my post. I like to visit Live Chat, not only can I answer a question but I can see what is being asked and learn from that.

I sign into my website about 9 AM daily but I leave the Wealthy Affiliate site up so I can navigate between the two sites. I have to visit WA platform often because that’s where I go to do some of my research. There is a very large database with answers to most of my questions.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

Online marketers work from a website that they made themselves or paid to get it done. Before making the website it is best to decide what you want to promote on the site. You should choose a Niche that you are familiar with because you will need to write content for your website. After you have written some content and start to get visitors to your website you can start to put in Affiliate Links. Some companies will not accept you if you are not getting the number of visitors they require.

Amazon will accept you and you have 6 months to make your first sale or they will cancel your account but you can reapply. When you are doing the Training with Wealthy Affiliate you are given a list of affiliate programs that you can apply to. By asking questions and reading on the website you will know the best programs to apply to. The WA members are willing to point you in the right direction. I love Amazon so I applied to them first, I was accepted and I am still with them.

The beautiful thing about signing up for programs like Amazon, Walmart, and similar programs is that there is no work to do. Your job is to get visitors to your site and when they see the logos for the merchants they will go to the sites if they wish to do so. The Affiliate Program at Wealthy Affiliate is a good program. When someone signs up and pays for Premium Membership, you will get a commission. This is a recurring commission as long as the individual remains a member you will get a commission every time he pays his membership dues.


Who Can Be An Affiliate Marketer


Anyone who wants to make money while working from home online can become An Affiliate Marketer. You do not need any experience and age is not a factor. Since you can understand what you read and are able to use a computer, you can be trained as an Affiliate Marketer.If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing I can recommend the program that I am in. There is a free Starter Membership, you can try the program and if you like what you see, you can either sign up for Premium or remain a free member.

Do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate if I sign up?


The Affiliate Training does not train you for a specific program. You are not told or forced to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You are given a list of the different affiliate programs and you can apply to them. when you get accepted you add the affiliate links to your Website.

The People who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate are doing so by choice. There are some people who find it easier because they could not come up with a Niche of their choice.

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