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What is LeadsLeap 2.0? How legit is it?

LeadsLeap 2.0 is an online company that is helping entrepreneurs by sharing revenue,  advertising your business, and providing a leads generation system. It emphasizesleadsleap training and value creation.

You make money by sharing revenue, you do not have to buy or sell anything or make referrals. You can advertise for free to get traffic to your website.

Revenue sharing is free, there is an upgrade for members who want to rotate their ads in the system 24/7 to get more leads. Those members who upgrade have no need to build their credit level.


How Revenue Sharing Works

Leadsleap 2.0 has 3 revenue sharing schemes 5-10% Daily Payout. The scheme ensures  that all members make money whether you are free or paying members. Free members make 50% of what the paying members make.

Free Members have to visit the ads and view them for at least 5 seconds to gain credits. If an ad is boring you may close it after 5 seconds and collect your 1 credit. If you are interested in the ad you may continue watching it and gain credit every 5 seconds.

Credits last for 6 months, therefore if you have no intention of using your credits for advertisement you may encash them.

When you send traffic to the ads in LeadsLeap, Free members get 15% and Pro members get-30%  Weekly Payout. You do not need a website to earn.

You gain recurring commission for life  when your referrals upgrade. Both Free and Pro members earn. Free members get 25% and Pro Members get 50% Affiliate Commission.

LeadsLeap Advertising

There are two types of ads. Free ads are posted by Free members using the credits they gained by watching advertisements.

Pro ads are posted by Pro members who have no need for credits. They are paying members

LeadsLeap used various methods to send traffic to your ads.

  1. Members are paid to surf your ads.
  2. Ads are sent to members email to facilitate quick viewing.
  3. Members are paid to send traffic to your ads through LeadsLead widget.
  4. Members are also rewarded when they  add LeadsLeap’s widget to their website.

Leadsleap tries various strategies to drive traffic to your website. They help to get traffic from LeadsLeap’s network and other sources.

LeadsLeap leads building System

LeadsLeap has a 10 points level downline. You can refer directly to your referrals and the other 9 levels of people they brought

Who is LeadsLeap For

  • Newbies looking for easy ways to make money online
  • Bloggers searching for Free traffic.
  • Website owners wanting to advertise their business and get free traffic
  • Marketers looking for tools to grow their business.
  • Just about all who want to earn money online can utilize the tools and services of LeadsLeap.

Leadsleap is more than a leads generation system. Members can post ads, get traffic and make money. Pro members pay via Pay Pal and can cancel anytime.


leadsleap-trackerThe Real Tracker

LeadsLeap has a link tracker which tells you how long a visitor stays on your site, tracks the traffic source and tells you if you got real visits or merely clicks.

The Real Tracker (TRT) can be used to track your links anywhere on the web.

Look at the example below.

Only 20% of the  above clicks are real and 6 persons responded.

TRT can track:

  • Total Clicks
  • Unique visits
  • Real visits
  • Responses
  • Conversion (for Web Pages that you own)
  • Surfing duration
  • Traffic source
  • Coming Soon! Country
  1. The Real Tracker includes 3 settings, Link Rotator and Ad Bar
  2. TRT Link is used to, set up and manage tracked links.
  3. TRT Rotator- if you want to rotate the links this is what is used
  4. TRT Ad Bar- You can cross promote other links using the Ad Bar


Popup Generator

Helps you to create animation on events and full tracking capability.

The Verdict:

LeadsLeap 2.0 is not a scam it is a good program. Although earnings will be small you can generate a lot of leads if you use the system correctly. They offer free ads which can drive traffic to your site. The free program continues and you are not forced to upgrade.th18UV3WIJ




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