Recently I tried upgrading to Windows 10 after getting several prompts about Free Windows 10 upgrade. My desktop which is my best friend had Windows 7 operating system.

Almost 5 years ago I bought a refurbished desktop.I used it for all the work I had to do at home including when I did work for my church.   Once when I downloaded an antivirus software on it,the screen went blank. There was nothing I could do with it.

My kids advised me against fixing it considering that it was far from being new but I got it repaired anyway. Windows had to be reinstalled. The technician did a great job. This computer was better than when I first bought it.



The technician then told me that my Internet Provider, which is Comcast provides free Norton antivirus to its costumers so I did not need to buy any. I was grateful for the information and I have been using the free antivirus ever since.

The  thought of whether or not this computer could withstand the upgrade was vivid in my mind. I remembered what happened with the antivirus software. I still wondered though should I upgrade to windows 10 from 7, I decided to check it out, if the computer could take it I would do it.

I used Windows 10 Compatibility Checker to verify that the software was compatible to my computer and the result was fine. From my research, I found out that most of the applications and hardware that work with windows 7 should work with windows 10.  Well the results were favorable  so I decided to upgrade.

After accepting the upgrade I was pleased with myself that I did my homework and all is well or so I thought. It took some time for the upgrade to be completed and then I saw ‘Welcome to Windows 10’.  For the next two days, all I could see on the computer was the welcome and I was only able to turn it on and off using the main switch.

My kids were amused but I was not. I thought the Windows 10 Compatibility checker would be accurate. Then I remember what my brother used to tell me “Nothing beat common sense.” I should not try to upgrade that computer.

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What I Did

It was a bit challenging but I was able to reverse the whole thing and go back to Windows 7. I am happy to say my desktop is working alright again. Now I ignore the prompts when they pop up .

There is nothing wrong with Windows 10 software, it is my computer that has the problem. I have since then upgraded my laptop from windows 8 to Windows 10 and it is working just fine.

I Work From Home

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