Lifetime Income Generator. Can you make lifetime income from this product?
To find out about the earning potentials of Lifetime Income Generator, continue reading my review.


Making money on the internet is becoming more interesting and so is making money online scams. Lifetime Income Generator promised that you will be able to generate a lifetime income. Let us take a look at the product and decide whether or not it is possible to make a lifetime income from it.


Product Name: Lifetime Income Generator
Owner: Gary
Cost $18

When you purchase Lifetime Income generator you will be given a free website which comes with free hosting. You will be eligible to sell products including Lifetime Income Generator on the website. The product is a digital bundle The training will teach you how to set up a sales page similar to the one you purchase the product on.

The program which is fairly new claims that by using the video tutorials and following the step by step instructions you will be able to make money in a short time. You will just need to post your links on the suggested sites and drive traffic to your website. Then you will start making money early. Lifetime Income Generator does not work on its own. According to the sales page, it will work with Traffic Monsoon, My Paying ads or wherever you can post your link.  Not everyone has Traffic Monsoon and My paying ads and I doubt anyone would want to buy them just to be able to advertise The Lifetime Income Generator.

I do not like to buy products that cannot stand on their own. It looks like a waste of time to me. 
Some Affiliate Marketers claim that this new system works. If it does work it would be a change from the norm where you have to wait to be ranked by Google.


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Pros vs Cons vs Lifetime Income Generator


Instructions are simple and easy to understand
Step by Step instruction
Free Bonuses


Program is not Newbie Friendly
Cost: $18
Needs 4 other products for the Basic one to work. The Program is suitable for experienced marketers.

The program is suitable for experienced marketers.

May not be suitable for long-term investment





The website is poorly constructed. They claim that most of the products from the bundle are already on a premade website and can be sold as stand-alone for $18 to $97.
One of the problems I see here is that some of the digital products in the bundle can be had for free on the internet.

Lifetime Income Generator is not a scam, however, I cannot see anyone relying on this product for a lifetime income. You may be able to make money from Lifetime Income Generator but we cannot recommend it at this time.

Owner: Gary
Cost $18




But Not Recommended.


When I was trying to find a program to teach me Affiliate Marketing, I saw several programs all claiming that they were able to teach me Affiliate Marketing. The majority of these programs turn out to be scams. I was diligent in my research and very careful not to buy a product that I did not research properly. It turns out that only one product did not promise that I would make $1000’s within a short time. I appreciated the honesty of the owners and decided to try the Free Membership.


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