Let Social Media Boost Your Business


One very good way to promote your business is by doing so on Social Media. These are good platforms for doing your promotions and there are some sites which do paid advertising. The platforms are usually easy to use and you can decide the type of promotion you would like to do. 

Social Networks are very time-consuming so you have to plan your time wisely. There is no need to use all the networks it is best to choose the ones you think will connect you with the type of audience you need to reach. Conversion is important so while you want to reach a lot of people you want people who will buy what you are selling.

In this Post, we will look at 10 Social Networks and see how we can use them to promote our business.
1. Twitter 2, Facebook 3. Pinterest 4. Google+ 5. WhatsApp 6. Instagram 7. LinkedIn  8. Vine 9. Snapchat 10. Viber


Twitter is my favorite Social Media Site. It was founded in March 2006. Although tweets are limited to 140 characters there are millions of people tweeting and advertising daily. You can also pay to advertise in the Twitter Business program. You can follow people who have similar interest, Some of the people you follow have 50 or 60 thousand followers. This means that when you tweet it is possible that it will be seen by 10s of thousands. Twitter has over 320 million active users. There are a few users who will follow you and a few days after you follow back they unfollow you. It is best to be up to date on those who unfollow you. You can use the site to promote your business and if you want more promotion you can sign up for Twitter Business


This is the largest Social Network site. Founded February 4, 2004. Facebook has over 1.59 billion active users. Facebook is a good platform to advertise our business. There are lots of groups that you can sign up for. It is best to be aware of the groups you join because there have been reports of groups posting porn. If you do not want porn on your page, check out the groups before you join.


There are Marketers who are getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest. It was founded March 2010 and now has more that 100 million users with more than 50%of them being women. Pinterest has digital Bulletin Boards that you can pin your content on. It is a good platform for owners of small businesses to promote their business.


Google + was launched December 15, 2011.and now has over 418 million users. Although Google+ is fairly new it has earned its place in Social Media site. Google+ has a lot to offer. There are communities with different interest you can post your content. Once you sign into Google you have access to all Google this means you can follow everyone in your email and see friends that you can follow. Everyone you follow can see the content you have posted.


WhatsApp Messenger allows you to message clients using your cell phones, computers, and tablets. The app was acquired by Facebook on February 19, 2004. Over 1 billion users now connect with friends, family, and customers whenever they feel like doing so.


Instagram is owned by Facebook. This Social Media Platform is unique because of its filters, videos, photo editing features. It is a visual Social site similar to Pinterest,


LinkedIn is for professionals. The website is available in 24 languages and has over 300 million users It is easy to connect with people of similar interest on LinkedIn.


Vine is a video-sharing app owned by Twitter.
Users can record and share 6 seconds video. Videos can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Other users can comment on them. 


Snapchat is an image messaging software created by Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy while they were attending Stanford. The app was released September 2011 and had a rapid growth. Over 100 million active users daily by May 2015


The Viber App was released on December 2, 2010. It is a Voice over IP (VOIP). The app can be used to send text messages and make Viber to Viber calls.

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