Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 makes a lot of promises. In this review, I will give you my honest opinion that will help you to make quality decisions about Lazy Profit Engine 2.0. Find out if they will be able to fulfill their promises.



Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0


Product Name: Lazy Profit Engine 2.0
Cost: $8.27
Vendor: Brett Hitchcock, Tom E, SimpleSpencer

Recommended: Yes



Overview Of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0


The sales page of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is similar to that of many others with a lot of hype and promises. This time you are promised results within 24 hours. The sales page says this is the easiest way to make money and even called it Stacking Method.


You are promised that you will make $202.64 daily with just a little effort. Making $100 quickly with very little traffic is no problem for this product according to the sales page.  


I believe in telling the truth. We all want to make money that’s why Tom E created this product and making money is why I am up early to write this review. There is no quick fix in Affiliate Marketing. I read about a few genuine millionaires who made their money from Affiliate Marketing. They did it through hard work.



Making money within 24 hours of buying a product may be possible but not for a new person. Sometimes that is how long it takes to set up the product and figure out what it is all about. If you are considering this product, do not give the 24 hours earning a second thought.

When I was a newbie I could not set up a product in 20 minutes, I did not even understand the language. I still don’t think I can set up anything and start earning in 24 hours.


About Lazy Profit Engine 2.0


Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is a training course that teaches you how to create review videos and promote digital products using YouTube.

There are 2 Methods in  the course


Method #1 The Lazy Method

There are 10 video lessons in The Lazy Method centered around how to create videos, made out of simple presentation slides. This method teaches you how to appreciate and make use of bonuses.


Method #2 The Optimal Method

There are 4 videos in this course. The lesson includes instruction on how to video your computer screen when you do a review on a product.

Is It An Easy Process?

The entire course is based on Video Making created from reviews. The videos are published on Youtube. When people view your videos and click the affiliate link to the product you are promoting, you will get a commission.

Some products that have a lot of upsells pay good commission making it possible for you to make significant commissions.

Like I said earlier on, there is no quick fix in Affiliate Marketing. You have to work hard to do content writing if you have a website. Even when you post videos on your website you will want to put the content to facilitate those who prefer to read the content.

There are upsells that you will be urged to purchase. There is a promotion now that if you buy early you will get the bonus for free.



Pros and Cons of Lazy Profit Engine.


Videos are easy to follow
Videos are a good way to make money in Affiliate Marketing
30 days money back guarantee
Possibility of making money
Newbie friendly


Unrealistic advertising



I think this is a good product. Those marketers who have not master video marketing this would be a good product to buy. The training videos are easy to follow and you can always go back to view the things you did not understand.

You may not make money in 24 hours but I believe you will make money within a short time. You just have to apply the methods and work hard. We will recommend Lazy Profit Engine but we warn you not to expect any miracles, hard work will bring an increase.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the selling of other people’s products to get commissions. You can choose the things you want to sell and choose your own form of advertising.


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Wealthy Affiliate is a good community to learn in, the members are helpful and there are some experts on the site who answer your questions and are willing to teach you the things that puzzled you.



The owners make themselves available too. You just have to remember that there is no stupid question, just ask what you need to know.

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It is generous of the owners to give a free program that continues for as long as you want it to. The Premium Program, however, is a more comprehensive program and there are no upsells. The monthly fee is $49 and with that, you could build and host 50 websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 training Platform on the internet. Your success depends on the volume of work you commit yourself to put in.

The thing I like most about the Wealthy Affiliate community is the unity that exists among members. Whenever you are in need of help with something, you just have to ask and there are persons ready to help. 

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