Product Names: Elf Foundation Palette
                               Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth Liquid Foundation
                               La Girl Pro Corrector

I have used high-end foundations believing it would be the best option. I am a woman of color but it is not easy to find the perfect match without mixing two colors. It is either too red, too dark, or too light.

What makes matters worse is that when I get a tan it may not fit me at all until the tan goes away, which may take a long time. I am therefore stuck with an expensive foundation that doesn’t match my skin tone. I am then tempted to buy another one.

I had a friend who bought drugstore foundation and her face broke out in warts. I have been scared of drugstore foundation ever since. I, however, decided to give it a try but stayed clear of the brand that broke my friend’s face out.
I figured if I needed to buy more than one shade, in order to get the perfect match, it shouldn’t break my pocket so much. I watched about thirty youtube videos before I decided on which one to choose. However, in the end, I still didn’t get the one I decided on.

I have sensitive skin, extremely dark circles, a few spots from acne scars, and very dry skin, which is patchy in the chin area. You can now understand why I watched so many videos. What I needed out of a make-up is not easily found in the drugstore. You may find one that fulfills two of my criteria but not all of them at the same time.
I realized from watching the videos that I may have been expecting a little too much from foundation when it comes to my dark circles. They are really dark.

From the videos, I learned that the best approach is to apply a corrector first and then apply foundation. Then I can add a lighter concealer under my eyes to brighten my face. I ended up buying most of my makeup from Amazon.

It wasn’t an issue because it was easy to match the colors to my skin in the stores and decide on what to buy. I bought a La Girl Pro Corrector, the Elf foundation palette, and the Maybelline Fit Me dewy and smooth liquid foundation.
The corrector I bought was orange but it was too orange for me. I ended up mixing it with the lightest shade from the foundation palette, which made it more peachy. That was perfect. It covered my dark circles perfectly and blended into my skin nicely.
I also used it on my spots and it did a very good job. The liquid foundation fits my skin perfectly I didn’t need to mix it with anything. That was a huge surprise. I was so pleased with my choice. The coverage was good enough for me. Considering that I had applied the corrector already, I looked flawless.
It can also be layered which is awesome. The foundation palette can create the perfect color too, but it takes a bit of work. I decided to use it as a contouring palette and I am liking it in that role so far. It is creamy and easy to use.
There are four shades in the palette. I took a medium/dark palette. It, therefore, had a shade lighter than me, one close to me, and two darker than me. My skin did not look dry when I put the makeup on.
I cannot speak for the wear of the products I just spoke about what I did. I did not keep them on for long.
I also put on false eyelashes just to test them out. Believe me, that is a whole story by itself. I never knew how difficult it was. I have respect for all ladies who wear false eyelashes and put them on by themselves.
I looked good on the 35th try, Yes I am a persistent person.

I am very pleased with my purchases. All 3 products cost under $20.
I know I will not be buying makeup from those expensive department stores again.
It is a smart move to buy enough items so you can get free shipping on Amazon. Kindly check out the shipping policy for the time of your purchase.


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