A keyword is a word or phrase used in search engines to target main ideas of data. Web site authors have to find a Keyword online tool with which they are comfortable to research and find suitable keywords to write their content.

Keywords are of utmost importance to content and your ranking in Google. The website Author has to be careful when choosing Keyword Research Tool because not all of them are reliable. There is a lot of irrelevant information given when research is done. Everyone is aiming at using a good keyword tool.

Low Competition

To find out the number of competition a word has you have to check the QSR  (Quote search Result) The QSR tells you the number of pages there  are in Google. These are your competitors The closer to zero it gets the better.


Keywords must fit in the sentence paying special attention to sentence construction.  In other words, the sentence should not be awkward.

The main purpose of the keyword Research tool is to help website owners get ranked in Google. A good keyword tool will go a far way in helping authors to write content for their website.

It is always helpful to get a free trial which will help you to decide if  this is really what you want. If you have had setbacks with previous keyword tools, give Jaaxy a try this maybe what you are looking for. You may try Jaaxy below for free.


The Jaaxy keyword research tool is your best chance for excellence.  When you join Jaaxy you have full access to the Affiliate Program.You are given an affiliate link which you can use to promote Jaaxy on your website or blog. When someone signs up for the free account through your referral you earn 10 free searches.


  • Starter Membership  $0 (30 free  searches)
  • Pro                  $19 per Month
  • Enterprise        $49 monthly


  1. Jaaxy is user-friendly
  2. Mobile Friendly
  3. Fast and accurate
  4. Suitable for all computers such as Mac and PC
  5. The best online tool for finding keywords
  6. Ability to save keywords
  7. Can check Site Rankings
  8. Collects data from leading search engines and modifies with its own data.
  9. Reliable Support team

ConsSome new entrepreneurs  may not  afford the monthly cost

Who Can Benefit from Jaaxy

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Website Authors
  • All those who are desirous of increasing traffic to their website.

Although I am a member of Jaaxy, this post is based mainly on research. The owners of Jaaxy are the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are trustworthy individuals and this helps me to believe the information I gather in my research.

I have concluded that Jaaxy is the way to go. It is reliable, fast and everything you hope to find in an online keyword tool. Try Jaaxy for Free.

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