Super Affiliate Class is a product that claims to give you everything you need to start making money today. Is Super Affiliate Class another scam? Continue reading to find out.

Super Affiliate Class | What you Get

4 Modules Video Courses on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.
Bonus Module shows how even beginner can make money in days.
Real Case Studies, Templates, Worksheets included.

According to Billy Darr after using this product you will make money in just 3 steps.

Step 1

Use the Done For You templates and easy to follow training to set up the program within minutes.


Step 2

Use the Free Traffic Method included inside to turn on your steady stream of Traffic.


Step 3

The system is designed to simplify the process for you to start making money within minutes.



Product Name: Super Affiliate Class
Creator: Billy Darr
Cost: $17- $197
30 days money back Guarantee


Whenever I am reviewing products I get disappointed when I see articles with authors saying that you can make money within minutes. That let me wonder what else about the product is fake. I know for sure that you have to set up the program. Billy Dar said that it is a simple copy and paste method. I cannot understand why someone would say I am going to make money in minutes when he knows that it is far from the truth.



There is no magic fix to make money on the internet. You have to find a product, choose your method and work towards success. You should always read the disclaimer when you are reviewing products if you are planning to buy them. In the Disclaimer for Super Affiliate Class, it says that your success is dependent on your background, how dedicated you are, desire and motivation. This certainly does not look as if the product is Newbie Friendly.


The Disclaimer further states that there is no guarantee that you will make any money. This tells me that Billy Darr claims of me making money within minutes is a false advertisement.


The Package

Access to over 20 videos

5 Module: Training Video Course
Access to over 20 step-by-step videos.
Newbie Friendly with all the information you need to make money online.
The videos according to Billy are all geared to help you to make 4-5 figure profits within a short time.


Done For You Templates make it Easy To get started right away (Make Money Today)
Save time with templates.  On this website, there are lots of prompts urging you to buy the product. When you attempt to leave the site you are immediately given 64% discount.












Learn Affiliate Marketing from the best Training Platform on the Web

Inside the Class


How to Get started in just a few minutes

Why this is easier than another system
Traffic system revealed

Super Affiliate Class Bonuses

Bonus #1,  60 minutes Training call

Billy will show you how to build a 4-5 figure per month online business.


Bonus #2 Billy’s Brand New

Access to a private community where you can connect and learn from Billy Darr. Learn the latest strategies and mindset to get you to 4-5 figure bracket fast.


Bonus #3 Private Training Group

Earlybird access to Billy’s brand new 44-page playbook where he reveals the strategies that helped him go from $0 to $1.2million in sales online. This system will help you to replicate his success for yourself.


Bonus #4 Page Builder

Access to Private page builder that helps you build all types of pages quickly and easily.


Bonus #5  10 Software Plugins

Access to a page of 10 software plugins that helps you get more traffic, leads, sales and profits


Pros of Super Affiliate Class

Potential to make money if you are an experienced Marketer

Lots of Training Videos

Access to the owner

Money back guarantee


Cons of Super Affiliate Class

False advertising

Not Newbie Friendly



Learn Affiliate Marketing and build a business online



Although some developers create products and misrepresented the products by exaggerating their advertisement,  that does not make the whole thing a scam. I do not think Super Affiliate Class is a scam. In my opinion, an experienced Affiliate Marketer might be able to make some money from it after a while. The process will take time and will not happen overnight.


Product Name: Super Affiliate Class
Creator: Billy Darr
Cost: $17- $197
30 days money back Guarantee

Recommended only for Experienced Affiliate Marketers

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