Product Name: Steady Home Income

Owner:  Kelly Simmons

Recommended: No, SCAM

Steady Home Income is another Link Posting Scam that has a website which makes false promises in order to get you to give them your personal information and sign up for their product.

Pros of Steady-Home-Income

The only good thing about this program is that it will give you an opportunity to see what a Scam site looks like.


Cons. of Steady-Home-income

False advertisement
Unrealistic Goals
The use of tricks to urge you to sign up for their product.



The Internet is the fastest growing job market in today’s world. It has become more popular because a large number of working people realized that it can be more profitable to work from home. You are able to save on transportation and all the other areas that you encounter when you travel to go out to your 9 to 5 job.

There are several ways that you can make money on the internet. Some companies are allowing their workers to do their daily jobs from home especially when there is inclement weather. There are also jobs such as Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing and other types of Internet Marketing.


It is quite unfortunate that scammers have found ways to put themselves on all the sites and in every situation, their goal is to get rich without working. There is nothing you can do on the internet without taking a lot of precaution knowing that someone could be looking to scam you.


Steady Home Income falls into the scamming category. This site is one of many such sites which claim that you can make money within minutes of signing up for the product. You are not even told what you will be doing until you give your private information. You are not told that there is a monthly fee until it is taken from your bank account.


The onus is on the buyer to do proper research before buying products online. It is hard to keep track of the scamming sites because as one is taken down another pops up. The same information is used over and over. This is why Publishers like myself try to do reviews to guide buyers along.


The name Kelly Simmons, which appears to be a fictitious name is linked to several scam sites and products. According to the websites, she is a work at home mom who has changed her life by using the method. There are testimonials from people saying how they have made huge sums of money, all lies. The date that I went on the site while researching for the review there was a note that said the product was due to be released the same day. The other day I went back and the release date was changed to the new day I visited.


All the sites that are linked to the so-called Kelly Simons state that the product has been getting a lot of media attention. There are also logos from cable stations on the site. Well, I would call that Fake News. The video has been used by other scam sites too. The objective here is just to get your money without working for it.


The author says you are given links to post on sites such as Netflix, Gap, Home Depot, Hp and some others. They will pay you to post links to their sites. She says you will earn at least $379 per day working 1 hour. I would not trust this site at all, you will not make that money in the time frame that is given. I am not certain that you will make any money at all.

You might want me to say whether or not I recommend Steady Home-Income, the answer is No, I do not recommend it.



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