Online Profits Breakthrough!  Is Online Profits Breakthrough Another Scam

I am not a believer that by working from home for only 30 minutes per day I will become a millionaire. This is a product that makes promises that it cannot deliver. They claim that the work will be done for you which cuts back on the time you would normally spend online. Is Online Profits Breakthrough another Scam?  To find out more about the Online Profits Breakthrough continue reading.

Product Name: Online Profit Breakthrough
Price: $97 ($Thousands upsells)
Owner: Matt Lloyd

Overview Of Online Profit Breakthrough

I am not a member nor an affiliate of Online Profits Breakthrough. This review was done by research. The graphics used in this post are intended for illustration purposes only. There is not a link on this site that leads to Online Profit breakthrough so if you want to buy the product, please copy the URL and paste it in your browser.

Everyone comes up with different strategies to sell their products, but sometimes one cannot help wondering about the things you read on a sales page. The information on the sales page states that you can make as much as $10,000 per day working 30 minutes each day.
It also states that you should not share the information with anyone because there is only a limited number of spaces left.

This is a sneaky way to motivate clients to buy the product believing that they are going to be the next millionaire. If a product is outstanding, there is no need to falsify testimonials because the people who bought and used the product will give it a positive review.


What is The Online Profit Breakthrough

The Online Profits Breakthrough is a software that trains you to do Affiliate Marketing. According to Matthew Dixon, You will get your personal millionaire coach which he will pay to teach you the program. Your sales agreement will be closed by a sales team that is appointed by the company. The video speaks about 21 steps that can be done in 30 minutes.
While I continue researching this product I discover that it is linked to another product named My Online Business Education (MOBE). If you purchase Online Profit Breakthrough the training you will get is from MOBE.



After paying for the product you will be introduced to other programs with more expensive upsells which will prepare you for Affiliate Marketing. I could be wrong but I think they should be upfront with their marketing and let the buyer know exactly what he is getting.  When I buy a product I want to know that all sales are final and I am not being asked later on to buy more expensive products in order for the basic one to work.


If a product is not producing what it was created to do I do not think by disguising it and passing it off as something else will solve the problem. They claim that after watching the video you will make $1,000s of dollars. Someone who calls himself Joe in the video says he is making $96,000 per month.  This is Affiliate Marketing we are talking about not the Lotto. After listening and watching the Video I decided that the owners of Online Profits Breakthrough are using deceptive methods to market their product.




I do not believe that I can make $10,000 in a single day from working about 30 minutes a day. I did watch the video to the end and the more I watched the more I became convinced that I am to stay far from Online Profits Breakthrough.

There is a better way to do Affiliate Marketing where I can ascertain that you will not be scammed. This program is offering Free Starter Membership with 2 Free Websites.  You do not need a credit Card to try the program. If you try it and you do not like it just cancel the membership, no questions asked. The free membership continues indefinitely but after 7 days some of the tools can only be accessed by Premium Members. If you sign up for Premium Membership the cost is $49 Monthly.

I have never regretted joining this company, the training is the best you will find anywhere on the internet.



Product Name: Online Profit Breakthrough
Price: $97 ($Thousands upsells)
Owner: Matt Dixon

Recommended: NO