MyPoints Review  Is My Points Site a Scam? : My Review


Overview Of My Points

My points website is a reward site on which you can earn points and exchange them for cash or use the points to get products. Like a lot of survey sites, there can be a lot of things to do.


You can build up your point system to get the products you need.  The minimum payout is $25 you can get paid through PayPal. 10 points are equivalent to $0.07.


A $10 gift card is about 1700 points, to get paid by PayPal you need about 4500 points. It means that you will be working at it for a long time.When you get 10 points for a job well done you only have $0.07.


There are complaints about taking surveys with My Points. You may be midway through a survey when it gets canceled and informs you that you are not qualified to do it. This is not identical to My points survey because this kind of complaints comes from many survey sites.


I am yet to find a rewards site where you can do jobs and get a payout quickly. Sometimes you can watch videos for $0.004. You could work for a long time for a gift card only to get your account canceled for a slight glitch in the system.


Business Name:  My points

Type of Business: Rewards site
Cost: Free to Join
Recommended: NO


Ways to earn points with My Points


Shop On Online

There are over 1900 retailers from which you can shop and earn points for your purchases.


Get Score

Sign up to get alerts and coupons from My Points partners so you can add to your shopping points.


Local Deals

You can earn points from Groupon and Living Social for goods and voucher purchases.


Read Email

Earn 5 points for clicking on emails


Share Your Opinion

Take market research surveys and earn up to 400 Points.

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Watch Videos

Earn up to 500 Points daily while you watch videos


Discover Content

You will be introduced to content and video and you can earn points to check them out.


Find Deals

Explore offers and earn as much as 50,000 points


Search the Web

Get Yahoo search results and you could randomly win 170 points


Print Coupons

Use coupons when you buy groceries and save money. You can earn points for printing manufacturer coupons and redeem them.

Play Games

Earn points for playing games that are popular like Bejeweled 2 and Solitaire Rush. Earn 8 points.

Refer a friend

You can refer friends and earn 10% of your friends qualifying points.

Redeem Your Points

You can redeem your points for Gift Cards for popular stores, Cash from PayPal, or Travel Miles

The Good

Get paid to do the things you love to do.
Gift cards from popular stores


The Bad

Poor customer service
The rewards for tasks are very small
Technical issues can cause you to lose all the points you earn for a task.



We will not recommend My Points. We believe it is a complete waste of time. Of course, if you are doing it just for fun or as a hobby you might enjoy doing it.
Customers complain that the site used to be great and they enjoyed earning gift cards but things have changed and it’s not fun anymore.
I just cannot see myself watching a video that I do not even like for four cents.


My Points site is not a scam site. although you do not make a lot of money, you are still paid according to what you agreed on to to the tasks.
Legit Yes!
Recommended NO