Home Online Profit Education (HOPE) is another program that makes promises that cannot be delivered. Take one look at the website and a red flag will go up in your head.
When I came across this website, the first thing I noticed was how similar it was to a scam site I reviewed. Is Home Online Profit Education another scam? Read my review to find out.

Product Name: Home Online Profit Education (HOPE)
Website: http://homeonlineprofiteducation.com/d/v2/info.php
Owner: Heather Smith
Cost: $97 plus upsells

About Home Online Profit Education

When I first entered the website the counter advised me that there was only 1 space available, after I left the site and went back there were 18 spaces available.

On the website, a woman who called herself Heather Smith states that the positions in Work from Home opportunity are filling up quickly because they have been getting a lot of national media coverage.
I do not believe this is true, there are logos from Fox News, CNN, and others but these can be easily copied from the internet. The site has been getting a lot of attention but that is from the negative reviews that have been written about it.

Link Posting

Home Online Profit Education (HOPE) is a link posting site. According to the information on the site, you get paid $15 to post a link, if you post 15 links per day you will make $225 per day working 60 minutes per day. If you work for 5 days you will make $1.125 and that is $4, 500 per month.

The information sounds real nice to be able to make $4, 500 in a month just working an hour per day. Considering that there is no guarantee that anything such thing will happen. No one can truthfully say that they know for sure that you can make money every day from working 60 minutes per day.
Link posting is not as simple as is stated on this site. You will have to buy add space from the sites you place the links on. Someone has to click on the links and buy the product for you to be paid.
This is an outdated form of marketing and you could be asked to invest money upfront, to start your link posting business.


If I could work just 60 minutes per day and make  $379 per day for doing so I would be so happy. Working Online from home has no such thing as a certified Proven Work From Home System. When things sound too good to be true, you should be cautious of diving into it.  It is unbelievable how some individuals have perfected the scamming. They are not concerned about what they say or who gets hurt since they sell their products and get your personal information.

The site appears to be a clone of other scam sites. I have seen the characters in the testimonials before. Heather Smith says she is a millionaire and she probably is but not from posting links. It is not hard to become a millionaire from selling this product with all its upsells.
The average fee of $97 went down significantly when I attempted to leave the website without purchasing the product. Heather said if you do not make money in 60-day you will get the product for free. You are first told that you will make money from working 60 minutes per day then you are told that after 60 days you will get the product for free if you did not make money. Sounds like it is not a certainty that you will make any money at all.

This product is named as an educational product but the lessons to be learned from it will certainly not be rewarding.  Anyone who purchases this product will be in for a rude awakening.

Pros and Cons Of Home Online Profit Education


Cannot think of any


Unrealistic advertisement
Link Posting Scam

I came across this site while I was researching another product. I noticed right away that the sales page was similar to a scam site I reviewed sometimes ago, Heather knows that you will not make any money but the objective is to sell the product whether or not the customer is satisfied. It is specified in the disclaimer that you may not make money.

Everyone who works online knows that there is no guarantee about how much money you make for any particular product. We also know that you have to put in long hours to build your business.
The advertisement says a Guaranteed Home Job from a system that is proven and successful working 60 minutes a day, but the disclaimer advises that your success will depend on the hours you put in the training.

There is a much better way to start a business online than to be scammed by individuals who are trying to get your credit card information

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