Product Name: ClickBetter
Address: Forsyth House Cromac Square
Belfast, BT2 8LA, UK




I came across this product while I was doing a research for another product. I decided to sign up so I could do this review. It was not long before I had second thoughts about signing up. I decided against it because of the numerous complaints I saw about the product. Some are threating to sue and others complaining that they want their money back and the owners are not responding. 31 complaints were made to BBB. The BBB gave them a D because they still have an outstanding complaint to be resolved.

 My review is based on Research. I am not an Affiliate of ClickBetter.

Overview of ClickBetter

ClickBetter is a product marketplace that allows you to sell your own products.You can also find products to promote on the website. It is stated on the site that they pay the highest commission up to 80%.  24 Hour Response Time, They are always accepting vendors from anywhere in the world. They are similar to ClickBank.


Sell digital products online, no setup fee required. If you browse available products in the marketplace you will find what to sell and what to buy.


Can sell their own products and or promote any of the products on the site. Affiliate promotes the latest products which are carefully selected.

Payment Method

They used 3 payment methods
Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express,  JCB)
They do not use PayPal
Affiliates are paid weekly

If you are interested in starting an online business and you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, I can recommend you to the best online training course. You will get a Free Starter Membership. This will be your chance to try the program before you buy it. The free membership can continue but you do not get all the benefits of the Premium Membership. You may read my Review Here.

Refund Policy

There is a 60-day refund that is advertised. After the 60 days, there will be no refund under any circumstances. This lets me think about the individuals who are having a hard time contacting customer service. At the end of the 60 days, they will not get a refund. Not all the products have a 60-day refund policy some of them have 14 days, yet customers are not told about the 14 days. They are told by some vendors that they will get a refund if they so desire within 60 days.

Pros and Cons of ClickBetter


Weekly pay
Up to 80% commission on some products.
60-day return policy
Polite customer service


Cannot be paid by Palpal
Not suitable for Newbies

Some products are from sites that are not reliable


There are too many complaints about this program mainly from people wanting refunds and cannot get it.You may see some of the complaints at this link.  

Some programs which I would not recommend are listed on the platform. It is my opinion that ClickBetter is only concern about making money and not about the customers. ClickBeter is a legit company but based on the complaints and the refunds problems, I cannot recommend this Company.

 Product Name: ClickBetter
Address: Forsyth House Cromac Square
Belfast, BT2 8LA, UK

Recommended         NO