Interactive Affiliate Training


Interactive classes have become outstanding in producing quality students. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that offers interactive affiliate training to prepare individuals for making a living on the internet. The program is designed to expose members to a new and different type of training to enhance their online experience. On the wealthy affiliate platform, there are tools, information, and all the support one will need to start and build an online business.


An Affiliate Marketer can make a commission on most of the products that are sold on the internet. Some merchants pay real generous commissions. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, pays $8 commission for the discounted offer of $19, $23.50 thereafter for the monthly Premium of $49. The commission for the Yearly Premium is $175. These are recurring commission meaning that every time the member pays the Monthly or Yearly Premium you are paid a commission.


Make Money From Home Online

Interactive Affiliate Training


Who is an Affiliate

An Affiliate marketer sends traffic to the merchant’s website. If someone from your site makes a purchase through your link from the merchant you are paid a commission. The commission you receive for selling other peoples products might be small and one could argue that selling a product every now and then will not be enough to earn a full-time living. There are however wealthy Affiliates working from their home who are making large sums of money selling other people’s goods.


The objective is to have your own website and send a large number of visitors to your site. To do so you have to write quality content and get your readers interested so they will keep coming back. It is hoped that these readers will become customers and buy things from the websites that are advertised on your website so that you will earn affiliate commission. There are affiliates who earn as much as $1000 a day. That is about $360,000 per year. It is not impossible for anyone to make that kind of money it takes hard work but it is possible.


An Affiliate who makes a lot of money also has a lot of expenditure. There are Webhosting and other tools and services that you will have to pay for. Wealthy Affiliate members have an advantage over some of the other platforms. There are, a free Keyword Research Tool, Link tracking,  and one very important aspect of the program is The Wealthy Affiliate Forum. This is where you can get the owners Kyle and Carson along with expert members in Live Chat to answer your questions.


Wealthy Affiliate cost $49 monthly but you can sign up for a yearly membership and this will cost you $29.99 monthly. $359 yearly. There is a wealth of information on the WA platform that you can access for free. There are Live Webinars every Friday. You can search the database for all the information you need or ask your questions in Live Chat. This is truly an interactive program where you will always find someone to communicate with any time of the day you choose to log on.


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a Membership Site which offers Free Starter Membership to its members. When you sign up for Premium Membership you have access to all the tools and resources on the platform. For example. A very large number of Free Video Tutorials, and the Wealthy Affiliate Community.
This Training Course is the best you will find on the internet. I signed up for the program May 2016 and I have not regretted it. I went from knowing nothing to building my own website and monetizing it.

Who Can Benefit From This Program

Anyone who wants to set up an online business and make money online can sign up for the program. The lessons you will learn here can be used in other places. You can join review sites to write reviews and earn rewards. There is no end to the things you will learn.



In case you might be wondering if I would recommend that program, the answer is yes. I honestly believe if you are looking for training this is the best platform for you. You will surprise yourself with the things you can accomplish at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are lagging behind in your business, try this program. You will be happy you did.