Product Name:  Instant Reward network

I have seen a few Instant Reward Network reviews, they all have different opinions about the network. There has been a lot of talk about the network lately so I have decided to do a research on the product.

It is difficult to decide if some companies are legit by reading the reviews. Some authors call every product that may be risky a scam. I believe that it is best to write the facts and let the readers analyze the information and make a decision for themselves. A number of authors although they are calling the product a scam they have an affiliate link on their website. If the thing is no good, why are you promoting it?

Product Name: Instant Reward network


What is Instant Reward Network?

Instant Reward network promotes fortune 500 companies. It acts as a middle-man between the companies and the consumers.
These big companies are looking for new customers and this is their way to get people to try their products.
When you sign up and earn your 1 credit you will be an independent referral Agent. When someone signs up under you and tries any of the products enough to earn 1 credit, The fortune 500 company pays Instant Reward Network. and IRN pays you.

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Getting Qualified

There are 4 steps to the program

Step 1

Sign up for the program. To activate your membership you have to complete Trial Offers enough to gain 1 credit. There are some free offers but not all of them are. You will have to calculate the number of credits to decide how many offers you will need. The thing I dislike about the whole thing is that a prepaid card cannot be used. They usually ask for a valid debit or credit card.

Step 2

Set Up Capture Page


There is a video on this page that will give you additional information. The people who you refer will also have to complete this form and they will also need the information on the video so it is best to familiarize yourself with it.

Step 3

You will need to get people to your website so they can sing up for the program and you can make money. You will have to advertise and this will not be an easy task if you are new to Affiliate Marketing. If people do not sign up you will not make any money.

Step 4

Get Paid.

After the people who you refer sign up and earn their 1 credit, all you will need to do is to cash out. Instant Rewards Network pays with PayPal or direct deposit.

Can you make money from Instant Reward Network?

Yes! Of course, you can make money from IRN. There are affiliates who are making money. They know how to market the product and they are experienced marketers. I would suggest that if you are signing up for this you ensure that you have a good coach. Posting links on Craigs List will just get flagged. I am totally against giving out card information for free offers or for a $1 offer. I had to close an account because nothing I did could stop the withdrawal of funds from the account although the trial offer was canceled 7 days before the expiration date.


I once signed up for offers from a similar program and paid $3 for an offer. I canceled before the 30 days and got a confirmation letter. They still continued to take the $3 from my account for 8 months. I saw the deductions but I thought it was a bank fee. Out of curiosity I investigated and contacted the company. They apologized and promised a refund which I never got.

Signing up for offers with your card information is risky if you forget to cancel on time your card will be charged. Sometimes they have poor customer service which makes it hard to make contact to cancel the offer. If you want to get your account activated anyway you have no choice, you will have to earn 1 credit.

I have read reviews of people making money on the IRN program. There are also some who have not make any money these are the ones calling the program a scam. After reading several Instant Reward Network reviews, I believe the program is risky but legit. I will let you decide whether or not to sign up for this program. You have seen this review and I am suggesting that you read a few others before making a decision.
Thanks for reading. Good Luck.

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