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Name:                         Inbox Dollar
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You probably wondered like I did if Inbox dollars is a scam. Let me say how much I appreciate your visit to this site. It is my intention to give you my unbiased opinion of Inbox dollars. I will give you the facts and allow you to make your own decision.

I was referred to Inbox Dollars by a friend who told me that it is a good site and I could make money by doing surveys and other jobs.

When I signed up for Inbox Dollars I received a bonus of $5 which was placed in my account. I was well pleased because I was off to a good start. You cannot make a withdrawal until you have $30 in your account. I only needed $25 more to receive my first check.


I started in good faith to do surveys. When a survey is sent to you it is sometimes advertised for $5 or $10 but after you open it you realized that the true cost is $0.25. This survey could take you 25 to 30 minutes. It could even be longer depends on how hard you work.

There are times when a survey is sent to you and you may have spent as much as 10 minutes on it only to get a message saying that you are not a match. There is no information I can put in to get a matInbox Dollars has my profile with the information needed to select and send suitable surveys to me but even when I get a message saying These surveys are suitable for you, when I get started on a $0.75 survey, it is cancelled saying I am not a match and a $0.25 one is sent instead, that is not a match either.

Once you put in the basic information and complete four or five pages, then you can expect to get the message that you are not a match.


There are other tasks that you can do and maybe you might enjoy them. There are games that you can play for Inbox Dollars Rewards. A game will pay you about $0.02 to  $0.05. There are also free games. There are other tasks too, paying about $0.05. This means you will have to do about 20 tasks to earn a dollar.  They are limited to about three or four per day.

Paid Emails  

Paid emails are in the same price range and they do  not send a lot, it takes several days to make a dollar.


There are offers that you can complete and these pay more than the email and tasks. If you sign up for the Credit Report with The National Credit report you earn $7.00. The report contains data from Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian.

A very interesting thing though is that you cannot use a prepaid Debit/Credit card to sign up for that offer. In fact, I have never seen an offer that I could use a prepaid card to sign up for.

Free Credit report can be had from Credit Karma. This is truly free report that you can get in about 2 to 3 minutes, No Catch

There is an important thing that I should point out to those who do these online Surveys. Always read the Privacy Policy to see how they use the information they collect from you. One site I went into states that once you choose ‘Agree’ you  have given them the right to use your personal information however they choose.

Inbox Dollars said they will pay for surveys and tasks or whatever you do on the site and they do pay. How much they pay might be the real concern.

There are some persons who claim to make the $30 and more fast. I don’t know how thy do it but they said it is possible. If you do the offers and are willing to put your Credit/Debit Card  in the system you might earn faster money. Before you do that you should give it a serious thought about whether or not it is worth the risk.

I have been with Inbox dollars for about 2 Months. I got $5 when I joined I now have a total of $9.23. That is an average of $2.21 per month. I will have to work hard for the next year to reach the $30 limit to make a withdrawal. Of course! that will not happen, I am about to cancel my membership with Inbox Dollars.

Inbox dollar for me was a complete waste of time. I cannot see myself working for $0.02. I never believed anything like that existed.I guess seeing is believing.


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