Product Name:                                
Price:                                     Free to Join
Owners:                                Michael Quoc Founder & CEO
Team Workers:                   Brian Stanback Lead Engineer and CTO
                                               Kevin Fang Software Engineer

Disclosure: I was asked to do a review for Dealspotr and offered an incentive to do so. I have been a member of Dealspotr since October 19. I spent long hours since signing up, researching and doing the activities on the site. I am not affiliated with Dealspotr other than being a regular user on the site. All opinions in this post are mine and are trustworthy. I think this is a good site to get discounts on shopping and to earn Amazon gift cards, I invite you to check it out. My recommendation would be the same, whether or not this was a paid review.

Overview Of Dealspotr.      

If for some reason you have never heard of Dealspotr, let me urge you to continue reading this post, you are in for a treat. My aim is to give an in-depth review of Dealspotr. I can imagine that you are asking yourself the question! What is Dealspotr? I did ask that question too. Dealspotr is an online community of coupon and deal seekers. There are about 30.000 members in the community, they not only find deals for themselves but they post the deals so everyone can save money. Dealspotr may be the only coupon site in which the members validate deals to ensure that the PROMO code or the information that is advertised work. On this website, you can do a number of activities to gain points that go towards Amazon Gift Cards.


Getting Started At Dealspotr

To start searching for the best deals on the internet and gaining points at Dealspotr, you have to first sign up for membership. This is a free site so no credit card is needed. You can sign up using my referral link. If you use the link you will earn 2000 points, this means you would earn your first $2 towards your Amazon $10 gift card.
When you use the referral link it will take you to the page where you will just hit the Join button and sign up. You can sign up through Facebook or fill out the given form. Email confirmation is required to activate your account. On this website, you can do a number of activities to gain points that go towards Amazon Gift Cards. You can Add deals, Validate Deals, Spot Deals and complete your daily checklist. Use the link below to Join.

When you join Dealspotr you are given your own feed. You are able to choose your favorite stores and the things you are interested in. These stores come up on your feed when you sign in. What are your interests?



Adding Deals





You can gain points by adding new deals. I found a deal by checking the coupons sent to me in my email. First, you have to be certain that the deal was not posted already. If it was you will know when you are entering the code because it would have been there already.  You have to go to the site and try the offer and post a copy of the checkout receipt. No! You do not have to buy the item just try to verify that the offer works.  You also have to ensure that this deal is the best offer for the product. You can do this by comparing the prices on Yahoo and Google.

This was also a learning experience for me. Usually, I would see a deal and if it looks good I go ahead and buy the product. I do not do that anymore I now search for the best deal on the web. The reason is I was about to add a deal that was really good but  I was instructed to compare it with yahoo and Google, I found a better deal and could not add the one I started to add.

To add a product deal there are three steps, follow the instructions on the forms and enter the required information. It looks like a lot of work but, Dealspotr members seem to be enjoying the whole thing. You cannot add referral links from other sites to the deals  \\]you post on Dealspotr. If you do so it will affect your accuracy score negatively.Your accuracy score can either go up or down, based on the accuracy of the information you posted. Deals that have already expired should not be added.

Add a Product Deal to Dealspotr.comExtra steps on Dealspotr

The fourth step is to explain to the community what they have to do to get the deal. You then have to Post an image of the deal. This has to be just the deal and not the entire page. ‘See example below’










Influencer Network











To be an influencer you must be a blogger or have a website. Your link will be featured in the Influencer Directory and throughout the site. This will help to boost traffic to your site. I think that is very considerate of the organizers. You also get to participate in monthly giveaways with Dealspotr and they offer amazing prizes. This, of course, will be another boost to targeted traffic that we all need.

If you are selected, you will get access to ongoing paid writing projects and you will be able to cash out your points with PayPal. When you join Dealspotr as an Influencer you should enquire about these perks.

Pros and Cons of Dealspotr


Free to join
Find deals with big discounts
Influencers get their websites posted on Dealspotr to help gain traffic
Everyone can shear deals on Social sites like Twitter and facebook,
Has Affiliate Program’
User- friendly site
Must do activities to gain points
Easier for shoppers to use coupons and Promo codes


Validation points are low for the amount of work
Daily checklist can be challenging to new members

Who is Dealspotr For

Dealspotr is for everyone wanting to save money on shopping.


Dealspotr is the real deal for bargains. The good thing about this site is that there is no frustration when using coupons or a promo code. Everything is tested and you can be certain they will work. Members earn Karma points by posting deals and adding comments. This is a win, win situation you not only gain points towards a gift card but you get huge discounts off the products you buy. Dealspotr has taken online shopping to another level. You also get to meet other shoppers and bloggers.

I have read where some members are making good money from Dealspotr. I am on my way to my first Amazon gift card. The thing I like most about the site is that if you do not make money right away, you can find great deals. One member who has been on the site since September 2016, has posted 1,134 deals saving shoppers $12,118. I am sure she is earning enough gift cards for her Christmas shopping.

If you have a website or a Blog please signup using the code to get Influencer Status

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Final Thoughts

Product Name:                             Dealspotr
Price:                                     Free to Join
Owners:                                Michael Quoc Founder & CEO
Team Workers:                   Brian Stanback Lead Engineer and CTO
                                               Kevin Fang Software Engineer

I have rated this site as 4.2 out of 5 stars.  I invite you to use one of the links on this post to sign up.

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