Your website is now up and going and you are wondering how to increase traffic on a website.  There are several methods that are used for Internet Marketing but most of them do not generate traffic or sales. The aim is to find suitable strategies to drive traffic to your site and by doing so you will be able to make sales. We have to get an understanding of what a successful strategy is and be aware of the achievements we hope to get from it. Below are some of the steps that can be achieved.




1. This strategy should have the capacity to direct targeted traffic to your site and get them to make quality decisions about buying the products that you are selling. The visit should end with a sale. The behavior of the user can be measured by using web metrics.


2. Driving traffic to your website is not an easy task. You need to familiarise yourself with the different tools of internet marketing services so you can choose your preferred method of getting traffic. There are tools such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


3. The type of keyword you choose will determine the number of traffic you get. Choosing the right keywords will give you the opportunity to use them in PPC and SEO campaigns.

How To Increase Traffic On a Website

4. Including tools such as Wordtrackers will enhance your online experience. Wordtrackers can generate keywords and phrases suitable for your business. This tool helps you to determine the frequency of searches for each of the phrases. You will be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the competition.


Website Traffic Tracker


It is a good thing to keep track of those who visit your website or blog. By doing this you will be better able to find out what they are looking for and write content to facilitate them, Another reason why you will want to keep track of those who visit is to increase traffic to your website. Some host sites will offer free service to keep track of visitors, although these usually have minimum benefits they are usually helpful to start and you can upgrade as your business progresses.

Visitor Tracker

A visitor tracker works almost the same as a Keyword tracker. A visitor tracker, however, will give information about where the visitor came from. The visitor’s information is saved in the visitor tracker. You can log in and see all who visited your site both for the present and past visitors.

Adding a comment box at the end of your post will encourage visitors to leave comments. Some of your visitors will not leave comments so you will not be able to follow everyone by replying to the comments.

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