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                    Home Profit System Overview

Home Profit System is a training program which promises quick returns from very little work. There are a lot of these programs on the internet. One should not just jump to a conclusion when buying a product. It is necessary to do a research and read several reviews about the product. They promise that you can make $379 daily from posting links a few hours per day.

According to Home Profit System if you post a few links in a few places you will make enough money to live comfortable. I have learned that making money online is not as easy as some would like you to believe. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed online. It really is not right to try to convince anyone that he can make a lot of money doing nothing.

Pros and Cons of Home Profit System

Pros of Home Profit System

Can’t think of any

Cons of Home Profit System

Lots of upsells
Pictures on the site are similar to those on scam sites.
Collecting Credit Card Information under the pretense of collecting Shipment fee

What Is Home Profit System?

You are encouraged to post links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and G+. This is not the way to go. I was warned by Google for posting links on the G+ community websites. I was giving a stern warning informing me that I will be banned from all Google products if I continue to spam the community. This was because I followed the instruction of someone who gave me wrong information. I used Google for most of my activities on the internet. I could not afford to be banned from Google websites. When I say you cannot post links on some of the sites I know what I am talking about.

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Every time I go to a site and see the Fox News and CNN Logo a red flag comes up in my head warning me to be aware of scammers. Another sign is to tell you that only a few spaces are available in your area.When you give them your information they certainly spam you. Home System Profit states on their site that “You are to get ready to change your life” According to the article, their passion is to connect people like us with opportunities that can bring changes in our lives. Buying into Home Profit System will bring you negative changes. You will be among a number of individuals trying to get their money back.

The program is advertised as free all you have to do is pay $2.97 for shipping. The packages are sent by mail. Makes you wonder why it cannot be done electronically. You will have to give them your information to pay for the shipping so, by the time you get the package, $139.95 would be taken from your credit card for the cost of the program. You will also have to pay $4.95 monthly. I will never give up my card information for free trial. I know that is just a trick to get my information. The longer you stay with the program the more money you will be asked to spend. You will be told that your earnings will depend on how much you put in.

Ask For A Refund

If you want to ask for a refund from Home Profit System call them at 877 863 3088. If you have given them your credit information, speak to your bank and ask them to stop payments. As long as you remain a member your Credit Card will be charged. When I found myself in a similar situation once, I told the bank my credit card was compromised and asked for a new credit card. Then I was certain that they could not bill me anymore because I changed my information.


Gone are the days when someone could post a few links somewhere and expects to make a lot of money, This is an outdated system and I don’t know if it used to work but I know that a lot of people are being scammed because they are believing that they can sit down and do nothing and make millions of dollars.  Any work you want to do online you have to be trained if you are new to the system and decide your mind to be dedicated and hard working. That is called making honest money on the internet. 

The only people who make money from these sites that are advertising “Posting links” are those selling the program. They make their money from selling the product to other people although they know that it doesn’t work. You may be wondering if I think this program will work, No I do not think it will. I think you should find an honest program to buy into.

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