There are benefits to gain from working at home. You may have heard the saying, ‘Home is where the action is’.  There are some persons who only leave home on special occasions. They do everything from home not only because they feel safe but because it is more convenient to do so. Setting up an office at home can be a blessing in helping you to sort out your business

Requirement to Set Up Home Office


To set up a home office you need to find a quiet area in your home. An isolated room will do but if you do not have a spare room you just need to find a spot to put a desk large enough to hold a computer and project files. If the desk is too small it might become a problem later on.
Setting up your office in your bedroom is not a smart idea if clients will be visiting you. If you can choose an area that has a window so you can have natural light, that would be great. Place your desk where you are able to see outside. The distractions that will occur to take your mind off work will be a good break for you from the computer or the files you will be over all day.

If your home is usually quiet, the area under the staircase can be used for your office if there is no other space available in the house.
A desktop computer or a laptop along with a printer will be fine for your office. You will need a telephone and probably a fax machine. If you get a google phone you can make all the calls you need in the USA and Canada free of charge, it also supports fax. The Obi or Google voice works in other countries too, but the rules vary. Internet connection is also a necessity.

Production should take priority but you should also think about comfort. Put a lovely chair with a throw cushion so you can take thinking breaks and relax your mind when it is necessary.


Try adding a plant to your office, you will be amazed at the difference a plant makes. Put it in a corner but not far from where you clients will sit in the office. It can be a conversation piece when things need to be sorted out.


Lighting is an important factor when setting up a home office. Even if you have natural lighting you still need to add lamps to your office for when the light outside is not bright enough inside.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are in Affiliate Marketing then I know you are putting in long hours. I know some folks work from all over the house and most time from the kitchen table. A business-like thing to do is to set up an office in your home. This helps in more ways than one. Not only do you work long hours when doing Affiliate Marketing, you also work every day. This definitely is not the right thing to do for any job. You should give yourself a day off and also set hours when you will be working. This is where the Home Office comes in, if you go to your office you can take your lunch break. If you are sitting in the kitchen the food is right there. When you work from your office you can be finished for the day but if you have the laptop in your room it might end up in the bed with you.



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