What is Home Cash Code? Is it another Scam?

You are probably wondering what exactly is Home Cash Code? I am in no way promoting this product and I am not recommending that you buy it. The graphics displayed in this post is for illustration purposes only and is not intended for promotional purposes.

I am not an affiliate of Home Cash Code, I tried to read the disclaimer for Website and was surprised to find out that reference was made to a product named 37 clicks only. These people are so unprofessional they did not even change the name on the disclaimer.

                                                                             Product Name:  Home Cash Code

Website:   homecashcode.net

Creator:     Michael Jone



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There is no guarantee that you will make any money from Home Cash Code. It is stated clearly in the disclaimer that you may not make any money from the product. It is amazing that although Jones knew that you may not make any money yet it is advertised that you can make $379 per day if you spend 1 hour daily.


Those who surf the web or do reviews will agree with me, that it is getting easier to identify the scam sites because some of them have the same type of graphics on their sites.

You have to put in your email and phone number before you can get any information about the product.

The first sentence I read on Home Cash Code website says “Money is the Second God”  I have no idea how they arrive at that decision, maybe that’s why they think it is alright to lie about large sums of money that you will make and then write in the disclaimer that you may not make any money at all.

When you enter the site you are told that there are only 5 or a small number left and you are urged to buy before they are all finished. The moment I see “Check For Availability Now” The red flag goes up in my head.


What is Home Cash code?

Home Cash Code is an internet marketing system that Michael Jones uses to reveal some of the methods he applies online to make money. According to Mr. Jones, you can make money daily from posting links.


He said you can post 15 links per day at $20 per link for 5 days per week. The total there, is $1,500 per week or $6,000 per month, $72,000 per year, yet you are told that you can become a millionaire.

If one could become a millionaire by posting links there would be lots of marketers including me who would be millionaires. I firmly believe that link posting is a thing of the past. When one starts a business online it is not just to go to websites and post links. There are other things involved especially if you are new to the internet.

Most of these vendors are only interested in selling their products so they say whatever it takes to make a sale. One would think all you have to do is to buy a product, copy some links, paste them somewhere and make an income large enough to bring in $72,000 per year.

Cash code has valuable training that will help you to set up a website and monetized it. The discounted price is $57. Home cash Code is a legit program but I am not certain that you will make money from it. You can find other products on the market which will do a lot more for you.

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