Greyhound Bus Line Review

Product Name: Greyhound Lines Inc
Owners. First Group PLC

Overview of Greyhound Bus Line

Everyone needs some form of transportation to get from one place to the other. Ever since creation man has always found the most convenient way to travel. The use of animals such as donkeys, horses camels and sometimes dogs were used and are still used in parts of the world.
Traveling from one city to the other within the United States can be done using Greyhound Lines Inc. It is a convenient and safe way to travel. This type of transportations is not reserved for any particular class of people. Anyone can buy a ticket and take a ride on the Greyhound is he thinks it is best for him at that particular time.

If you will be traveling for long distance on the greyhound it is best to prepare for the trip. It is best to pack your lunch, take snacks a blanket and a form of entertainment that has an earplug so you do not disturb others while entertaining yourself.

Greyhound Lines Inc., Shortened ‘Greyhound’ is an intercity bus carrier serving over 3,800 destinations across North America. The Head Quarters is in Dallas Texas, USA. Customer Service 1 214 849 8100. They offer packages for individuals, businesses, and corporations. The first Greyhound route began in Hibbing Minnesota in 1914, in 1922 the company adopted the name Greyhound.

In 2007 a British Bus and train operator First Group PLC agreed to buy the Parent Company of buses from Greyhound Lines Inc. In an all-cash deal for $3.6 Billion. Under the Terms of Agreement, First Group will buy Laid Law International.

The Greyhound Lines Inc is now owned by First Group PLC. A transportation Operator Company, with holdings in both North America and United kingdom.

Mobile App

Greyhound has a mobile app that makes it easier for you to search for bus schedules, book a fare, find discounts and all the things you would normally do on the Greyhound website.


The best days to travel on the Greyhound are Tuesdays and Wednesdays before 10 AM. You could get savings of up to 40% when you travel in mid-week, Biggest savings before 10 AM. No advance purchases necessary for those days. This deal is not valid during the holidays.
There is Quicklink Commuter Pass available for 4 routes. Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans – LA, 1 day, 10 days or 30 days.
Hotel Discounts
Greyhound has a partnership with Priceline which offers discounted rates on accommodation to Greyhound passengers. You are now able to get all your travel arrangements done at the place.
When you travel with Greyhound you enjoy cheaper Parking rates at hundreds of Parking Panda locations. During severe weather Greyhound experience several cancellations and delays in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Home Free

The Home Free program gives runaway kids free rides to get back to their Care Givers. This is a very good program that shows that the Greyhound group is not just about money but they are concerned about the welfare of our children.

Social Stream

This social stream, that Greyhound has on Twitter and Facebook allows you to read about recent happenings such as Weather Alerts and updates. There is also a Bus Tracker that you can use to keep you up to date with the bus schedule. You can also check for live updates


One commuter, in speaking of deals said he traveled with his girlfriend, roundtrip from Dallas to San Antonio for only $5. He said the cost of the trip was the equivalent to a foot long at the Subway.

Express Busses

The Express buses are faster than regular buses and are marked with an E. Service is often nonstop and the buses are equipt with the latest amenities like Wi-Fi, leather seats, and power outlets. They have dedicated staff, There might be an odd one but the majority of the staff are super fine. I think they are well trained.
Except for restroom breaks the express buses are non-stop between cities.
If you are traveling in a group, you can charter a Greyhound bus just for your group. Greyhound has been in the transportation business for over 100 years

Package Delivery

Greyhound transport packages. You can ship a package, send parcels or ship excess baggage through Greyhound Express.
Road Rewards
Signing up for rewards will get you a lot of benefits.
10% off your next trip
Earn points every time you travel
Get rewards and discount on food.
Exclusive access to over 65,000 hotels up to 50% discount.


The Greyhound bus is my preferred way of traveling when I am going to a far distance. I am not a long distance driver so instead of asking my kids to take me I plan a trip and take the Greyhound. I am usually not in a hurry so I can search for deals and get a cheap fare.

I have never encountered any unpleasant situations from either workers or passengers. Sometimes I enjoy brief conversations with other commuters in the waiting room while we wait for the announcement to board for departure.
I can recommend the Greyhound Bus service base on the experience I have traveling with them.

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