With all the buzz about the #1 training website, I am certain you have asked the question! What is Wealthy Affiliate?
Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that has transformed the way websites prepares and train participants in programs. There is a huge community of over 800,000 members who offer support to everyone who signs up and joins the community. The two owners Kyle and Carson have created videos which are used to give members quality training


Training at Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate  University is an online training platform for everyone who needs help in setting up or promoting their online business. It is the educational arm of Wealthy Affiliate. Everything one needs to create and grow a business can be found at there.
There is training by Videos and live training every week. There is a website builder and also personal support. One of the best thing that can happen to you is to get a mentor to coach you along.
After Joining Wealthy Affiliate all lessons begin with walk-through Videos which explain all the areas that you are going to study.


Wealthy Affiliate Trial

Not every company allows individuals to try their products for free. Wealthy Affiliate has confidence that once you are given a free trial you will be interested in the program and want to learn more. The free Starter Membership does not require any credit card and you can stay free for as long as you want. The Premium Membership, however, gives you access to all the tools and services needed to help your business grow.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate works for those who follow the training and put in the hours needed to build their site. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are told that your success depends on what you put in. There is no promise of 7 digit success, as a matter of fact, you are told to set goals and remember them as you set up your business and move forward.  For Wealthy Affiliate to work for you, you have to work with the program. When you ask questions, you will get an understanding of things you struggled with.

I have read several success stories about members in Wealthy Affiliate who are making money and encouraging others to continue and never give up. Yes! Wealthy Affiliate works There is absolutely no one who joins this program without achieving. Maybe the achievement is educational, I have learned so much since I have been here. I used to be afraid to even paste a code on my website thinking I was going to mess the whole thing up. Now I just go ahead and do what I have to do.



The lessons teach us how to monetize our websites. If for some reason you have missed something and realize that you need help, all you have to do is to ask a question about the area that you need help in and those who know the answer will answer the question. Everyone in this community thinks about the other person’s  success. If there are selfish people in this community I have not met them. All those I met are sharing and caring people, who are more than willing to help.


Who can Earn Money at Wealthy Affiliate

Anyone can benefit and make money at Wealthy Affiliate. Inexperienced individuals who know nothing about working online, are taught how to make a website and are trained in Affiliate Marketing or whatever your preference is. The community is supportive and is quick to share information. They share success stories along with any information that can help you to be successful. Retired person can feel safe and do not have to be concerned about being scammed.

You can read about the #1 Training Program Here