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There were times when I wondered why it was so hard to earn a steady income on the internet. Although I made a lot of effort and put in a lot of hard work, I ended up being scammed, frustrated and ready to give up.

If you are like me you probably agree that it gets more difficult to achieve your goal and make money from a website. I can help you get started. Wealthy Affiliate will change the way you think. If you sign up for a free starter account you will be on your way to financial independence.




Choose an Interest (Niche)

What is your passion?   Maybe your cat, a health issue or maybe making money on the internet. If you can’t think about anything right away just go to the Boot Camp and you will get help in doing so.I promise you we will steer you in the right direction.

Build a Website

Building a website is not as difficult as I used to think.  The Getting Started program teaches you to do it all by yourself. You can follow the training and with the click of a mouse, you can build your website.  Kyle has everything arranged on the WA State of the Arts platform  The wonderful thing about the training is that the videos are always there you can go back to watch them and try to understand anything you are uncertain about. The Support System at Wealthy Affiliate is dynamic.

There is live Chat available 24/7. 


Attract Visitors

Before you can earn money with your website it is imperative that you get real people to visit your website. You will learn how to get ranking in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The people who gravitate towards your site are potential customers. The training in the Getting Started course teaches you how to attract people to your site.


Make Money on Line           start-making-money-online                   

When traffic begins to go to your website you can promote millions of products and services through the affiliate programs. These are free to join. You do not have to own any of these products. When you send traffic to the company’s website you got a commission of up to 75%. You do not have to ship anything all the work is done by the other company. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how it is done.

Anyone can learn to start and build a business online. The WA program caters for both experienced and inexperienced individuals. You will have the support of a dynamic community behind you motivating and helping you to reach your goals.




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