Affiliate Marketing has become one of the greatest ways to generate income online. The startup can be inexpensive and the income you generate can be extremely rewarding. The products you promote belong to someone else. You don’t have to supply the items, once the connection is made with the buyer and the seller you just wait until the sale is made to collect a commission.

To do Affiliate Marketing you must have your own website. Building a Website without spending a lot of money is quite easy. There are website services such as and Wix and Go Daddy offering inexpensive service.   Site Builders offer a free domain for life. It is also super easy to build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate. They offer an excellent platform to host your website. There is also a free starter account for which free training is given during the trial period.   You can also  set up a free blog on Google’s Blogger blog network


Clickbank   is the largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. ClickBank came into existence over thirteen years ago.  Lots of affiliates think ClickBank is a great network.

Registration is easy and anyone can register providing your country is listed on the registration  list. You are free to promote products and services from any merchant. As an affiliate, you can promote more than 46,000 digital products.

Pays up to 75% in commission

Google AdSense

You can make money from your website by setting up a Google Adwords  campaign for your affiliate  program. Creating several campaigns will lead to more money if they are successful. The more traffic you get to your site the more your income will increase. You can use the link below to go through  Adsense quick tour.


There are commissions that can be made by becoming an affiliate for Amazon.  The commission is about 4% to 8%.  There are other companies paying a higher commission so some people prefer to avoid Amazon

Creating an eBook.

An eBook is an electronic book that is downloaded to your computer, tablet, or other reading devices. The content is like the printed book.  There are numerous benefits to be derived from an ebook.

They are easy to carry around. You could carry a whole library of  books on your computer.  When you write Ebooks you can put affiliate links in them and when someone clicks on them he will be sent to the merchant sites. If a sale is made you will  be in for a commission.




Benefits of Generating Income Online

  1. Work relentlessly to get started, maintain your business at your own pace.
  2. Become your own boss at home not having to commute.
  3. Freedom to set your own time.
  4. More time for family and self.
  5. Make enough money to donate to charities.
  6. Able to afford the things you need.
  7. No interviews
  8. No dress code.
  9. Positive working environment
  10. Long term income.

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