Five Figure Freedom is the brainchild of Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer They believe that you can make $10K in 30 days. Can you make $30K in 30 Days from a new product? Let us analyze the whole thing to find out the facts in this Five Figure Freedom Review.



Five Figure Freedom Review

Five Figure Freedom Review


Product Name: Five Figure Freedom.
Owner: Brendan Mace & Justin Spencer       
Cost: $8.95 plus upsells


30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Recommended Yes


Five figure Freedom has been around since February of 2017. The hype continues on the Sales Page claiming that you can build a 5 figure Monthly Income in less than 1 hour. They claim that the method works for everyone.


Brendan Mace says when it comes to online work He knows his stuff. Brendan has become known on Social media for his training, He has made a significant sum of money as an internet marketer, Blogger, and entrepreneur. He is also known for his YouTube channel which has become quite popular.

There are some aspects of the sales page that have motivated me to do this review. I would love to find out the method that will be used to make $10k in just 30 days.


Five Figure Freedom

This course is designed to take you behind the scenes to find out the secrets of Justin Spencer who makes five figures monthly.
There are 9 videos which give a step by step approach to learning marketing strategies.

You Will Learn:

Formula to create 5 Figure Business
How to get leads
How to get success instantly
Different Traffic sources
Getting Leads

Quick Start Success Blueprint


You will be provided with everything you need to get started with your business. Justin tells it all in this book.

There is an A-Z plan for making Five Figures monthly online.


Step-By_Step Five Figure Freedom Video Course.

This video shows you the entire process, so you will get to see how things are done. This is a 1 and 1 approach on:

Getting Started with this simple method even if you are a newbie
How to get High-Quality traffic for Free.


There are Upsells

If you are lucky you will get some of the upsells as Bonus depending on who you are buying from. The front end price may be cheap but you will definitely need the other products to get the program working effectively.




Most of the training you will find on the products you buy are teaching you to create your own products. These training videos give the assurance that you will have success in a jiffy. These claims are unrealistic, people who are in online marketing know that success does not come overnight.

There is truly no way that we can be certain that a new product that has never been on the market before will do justice to the creator or the buyers.

I prefer to sell something that I know about, that is why I prefer Affiliate Marketing. You can do your research to find out if the product is giving the customers value for their money. This is why Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to make money online. You do not need to create your own product you just sell other peoples stuff. You can choose from a wide range of products and choose the merchant that pays the highest commission.

You can learn Affiliate Marketing from the #1 Training Platform on the internet. They have a Free Starter Membership that allows you to try the program before you buy it.


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