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What is Financial Money Times/ Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle? 

In an interview done by someone whose name is supposedly LeAnn Martin, presenting herself as Senior Staff Writer  said she interviewed the owner Jeff Lerner and discovered secrets about how he is helping people to start a business from home.

Let me state here that I am in no way promoting this product. My findings are based on my research. If you have interest in this product please read the entire article.





Product Name: Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle
Cost; $49.00


In the Article dated January 28, 2018, the author states that Jeff Lerner is a rising Internet Star who started from $0 and is now making $5000 per month. She further states that people paid as much as $20,000 per ticket to attend Jeff’s seminar.


I went to the link which is the sales page and listen to a video that could convince anyone to buy the product. It tells what it is not but not once did he explained what to expects in the form of work when you actually signed up for the product.



I have tried to track down the journalist but although I found several LeAnn Martin There is none that is affiliated with Ultimate laptop Lifestyle. I can safely say the Journalist is fake too. Well, then the promoter of the product is the owner.


The article is really informative and you cannot help checking out the product “Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle” but you will soon realize that the whole thing is not trustworthy and you are better off taking your business elsewhere.

There is an online program that will show you how to start and build a business. They will give you a Free Starter Membership. 



I went to the sales page because I read that I could sign up for a free trial but they were asking for credit card. The program cost $49 for the Front End cost. No mention is made of a monthly fee but members have to pay one. Jeff Lerner has a good reputation on the internet doing other programs like giving expensive seminars. Because he is known to be a good trainer people expect the same with Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle but this is not so.


From the Sales video you are told that sales are finalized by Jeff’s sales team. Like I mentioned before there is no mention of the type of work that has to be done. There is also no mention of upsells.


Authenticity of Journalist

The authenticity of the journalist LeAnn Martin cannot be verified. This does not stand out well for the owner of the product. If you have to promote your own product do so with dignity but do not use a fake journalist because there will be a few bloggers and website publishers searching diligently to verify the article.

Listening to the sales video on the website, I just had to stop it. There was so much information that I just could not process it all. The presenter really talks a lot. Of Course, What I really wanted to hear was not addressed. I did not hear any detail of the job description. What will I have to do to earn that large sum monthly?

There is too much information that is not disclosed to customers. You only learn about them by researching the product. Things like website maintenance fee and monthly membership fee. There is also a price for training that is not mentioned in the video or on the website.

The Testimonials on the website were all dated January 28, 2018, and that got me thinking.


You may be able to make some money from Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle but I think it is risky. There are other products on the internet that you can try without the fear of being scammed. It is important that you learn in a community where there are like minded people all with the same objective to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate offers an excellent training program which will give you all the training you need. They also allow you to try the program before you buy it.