Product Name: 100 Bucks Daily
Owners:             Justin Opay, Billy Barr, David Kirby
Price:                 $6 + upsells


Overview of 100 Bucks Daily 

I came across 100 Bucks Daily while I was researching another product. I noticed that there was a lot of hype about it. What I was curious about is how the product was advertised using the tactics of scammers. I was on the website and the counter was going and advising that the price will go up after each sale. 

I waited until the timer ended and I refreshed the page and the price was the same. This to me is dishonesty. Only scammers used that method and I do not endorse it.

100 Bucks daily is a training course that teaches you how to make money online by leveraging targeted traffic from a $5 budget. The process involved selecting an affiliate offer and promoting it through video. This result in quick traffic from YouTube. Not only is this quick but it is also free traffic.

100 Bucks Daily guides you through the steps on how to set up the program, and earn $100 daily.

Does 100 Bucks Daily Work?

This program works well with experienced marketers because the products that are promoted are usually new products. When customers see new products that they think will work they will buy them,  especially if the products are inexpensive. It is not a certainty that inexperienced marketers will make the type of money that the founders of this program make.


  • Easy to Understand
  • Step by step guidance on video
  • Method has been tested and proven to work with Experienced Marketers
  • Can start with $5


  • Limited Support
  • Method is not new as advertised
  • Too many upsells

Upsells for 100 Bucks Daily

Upsell #1 $17

Access to 10 Templates

Upsell #2   $27

Access to advanced Traffic Program

Upsell #3  $47

Ninja Plugin used for quick results

Upsell #4  $97

Acess to Billy where he teaches on a 1 to 1 basis how you can earn 6 figure income yearly.

I  prefer to buy a product that I am paying for one-time, I do not support upsells. I cannot see the point in selling a product cheaply and after you purchased it and think you are ready to utilize it you realized that all the necessary tools have to be purchased differently.


100 Bucks Daily is not a scam. Marketers are making money using the method that is in the program To tell anyone that you will make the same money as the experienced affiliates is misleading them.  Working online is not as easy as some would have you to believe.

Dedication and perseverance are two skills that you need to be successful on the internet. One cannot just buy a program and spend a few minutes daily and make enough money to last a lifetime. I also do not support those who deceive others in their advertisements, just because they want to sell a product.

If you want to start a business online, you need a product that will teach you how to set up a business and make residual income. To learn in a community where everyone looks out for each other is just an awesome experience. You will be taught how to make a website and monetize it. The starter membership is free to try, if you do not like it you can walk away. No credit card needed to sign up.