Product Name: Digital Altitude
Founder: Michael Force
Cost: $1, $37 $1997 and more

What is digital Altitude

Digital Altitude is a Marketing, E-learning Company founded by Michael Force. It claims that it can guide you into making $8000 in 7days, and thousands of dollars after. It is an MLM Pyramid in which members become affiliates after paying a monthly fee of $17. Affiliates build their downline of affiliates 3 tiers deep. The objective is to get a large number of referrals and have a large team.

Fourteen days trial for $1. Every time I see a promotion and I am asked to pay $1, I usually stay away from it. Two things can happen I can forget to cancel or I may not be able to reach the owners. In either case, my credit card will be charged. I think it is just an effort made to get your personal information. For the trial period, you will get to watch a video which will motivate you to buy the product.
To be an Aspire member it will cost you $17 per month. This package comes with a Lifetime Coach and some training. The training is designed to familiarize you with pyramid schemes.
There are different levels of the Digital Altitude’s product and they all come with different prices.

Walker Plan $37

40% commission
Training Videos
1Tier Payout

Hiker Plan $67

60% commission
Members Area
Start up Training Videos
Weekly Training
Monthly Conference Calls
Additional Sales Funnels
Client for Life Coaches
Tools and Resources
Climber Plan $127

3 Tiers of Payout
60% commission
Members Area
Start up Training Videos
Weekly Training Calls
Live Climber Training
Additional Sales Funnel
Sales Assistance
Done For Solutions
Traffic Solutions
Client for Life Coaches
Tools and Resources

The Climber Level is where everyone wants to reach. It is not affordable to most people but it is believed that you get the best result as a climber. Although you buy the products you cannot be an affiliate unless you pay the $17 monthly which is the cost of the affiliate program.
Who pays money to sell other people’s goods?
If for some reason you are helped by a coach to finalize a deal, you only get a fraction of the commission. There are 5 other products which are called membership. The more I researched Digital Altitude, the more I am amazed. Maybe because it is out of my league. The 5 Membership are:

1. Base Membership $595 one time
2. Rise Membership $1997 one time.
3. Ascend membership $9997 0ne time
4. Peak Membership $16,997 one time
5. Apex Membership $27,997 one time.

If you make it to the top of Digital Altitude you will afford to pay $27,997 to go to Las Vegas.Maybe while you are there you can think about those persons to whom you sold this product, who are struggling to make a sale. If you are to make money from Digital Altitude, you have to get referrals.

Does Digital Altitude Work?

Digital Altitude works for the owner and those at the top of the program. There are numerous upsells, and outrageous prices. You are not paid commission for sales unless you are at the level. If you get a referral and he buys a different product from yours, you will not receive a commission. Only the rich can profit from this program.


Experienced Marketers might have a chance of making money. The training they offer can be beneficial elsewhere but there is no end to the upsells. One should never have to pay to be an affiliate. Digital Altitude may not be a scam, but I cannot recommend this to anyone.

If you want to make honest money online why not try an honest program that will train you to become an Affiliate Marketer. You can try it before you buy it with the Free Membership Program. You are given 2 free websites and if you sign up before days you get a whole month for $19. Read my review.


Founder: Product Name: Digital Altitude
Founder: Michael Force
Cost: $1, $37 $1997

Recommended   NO